CNN Jeanne Moos And YouTube Animal Viral Video: Bandit The Dog Tries To Escape From Kitchen Due to Separation Anxiety (Andrew Holzberger YT Channel)

The following CNN news video is a Jeanne Moos report about an animal viral video that was uploaded to YouTube. This clip is exploding in stats. After being uploaded to the Andrew Holzberger channel on September 7, 2013, it has more than 5 million views. That is just in the first 3 days or so. When this clip was added to CNN on September 19, it had 1.5 million views. The clip aired on The Situation Room.

Bandit is the name of the dog. This pooch has separation anxiety. According to the YouTube video, the dog’s owner was told to put Bandit in the kitchen to try to reduce his stress from the separation anxiety. But as the video shows, the dog just got worked into a frenzy trying to escape from the kitchen. After this didn’t work, the owner made sure Bandit was free to roam the entire house.

Here is the CNN video of Bandit the dog trying to get out of the kitchen.

And here is the full YouTube video of this separation-anxiety-ridden pooch.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show YouTube Video For September 19, 2013: Skit For “What Does The Fox Say?” (Ylvis’s Viral Music Video And Appearance On Ellen’s Show Announced)

The following comedy video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It was uploaded to YouTube on September 19, 2013. This skit is called “What Does The Fox Say?”

This skit is about a viral music video from a duo called Ylvis. They are two brothers from Norway. Their song is about the sound that a fox makes. In the song and video, the fox says a bunch of things, such as “ding, ding, ding” and other noises.

This viral video is at about 32 million views and counting.

Ellen says she doesn’t know much about Norway. But she assumes marijuana is legal there.

Ylvis is going to appear on the Ellen show on the next episode.

Click here to see Ellen’s YouTube video for the “What Does The Fox Say?” skit (September 19, 2013).

CNN And YouTube Viral News Video: Charlie The Singing Hot Dog Vendor (Detroit Tigers) Fired For Skimping On Ketchup

The following CNN news video was added to their website on September 14, 2013. It is about a singing hot dog vendor who has been fired. The story aired on the Weekend Express With Natasha Curry show, which is on HLN. A viral video of the hot dog guy singing is available on James Briggs’s YouTube channel.

Charlie is the name of the hot dog vendor. He had a job walking around the stadium and singing while selling hot dogs at Detroit Tigers baseball games.

Charlie apparently believes that only mustard should go on hot dogs, not ketchup. So he would give baseball fans a hard time when they asked for ketchup. After a number of complaints, he was fired.

This is so funny. It’s like straight out of an episode of Seinfeld. A guy finds a great way to market himself. He then blows it over a ketchup pet peeve.

CNN Video About Charlie The Singing Hot Dog Vendor Getting Fired For Giving Customers Hard Time Over Ketchup

NBC Today Show Viral Video: Man Appears To Fly On Inflatable Raft At Russian Lake (September 13, 2013)

The following Today show video is about a feat with an inflatable raft. It happened at a lake in Russia. The clip of this “flying” raft has gone viral. This video aired on the September 13, 2013 episode of Today.

The man and his friends tied the inflatable raft to a high-powered water scooter. As the scooter picked up speed, it eventually was going fast enough to raise the raft and man into the air. It appears that the man took flight on the raft. It then flies in the air for a prolonged period of time.

Today says this was real as far as they know. Of course, even boats can catch some air after hitting a big wave. But that is usually one for a couple of seconds.

If this is real, then it appears to be done based on the angle of the raft, which apparently gives it more lift than usual.

Today Viral Video Of Man Flying On Inflatable Raft At Lake In Russia

The Ellen DeGeneres Show YouTube Viral Video For September 12, 2013: Skit For “That’s Not Suntan Lotion” (Brother and Sister Playing With Diaper Cream)

The following comedy video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It was uploaded to YouTube on September 12, 2013. This skit is called “That’s Not Suntan Lotion.” It is about a cute-kid viral video that Ellen found online.

In this viral clip, a sister and younger brother were playing. The sister found some diaper cream and decided to play with it. She literally spread the diaper lotion all over her brother’s face. It looked he had one of the facial masks that they apply at a spa for skin treatments.

The brother’s name was Bradley. Mom said the sister was in trouble. But Bradley just smiled when she asked him whether he is okay or not.

Click here to see Ellen’s YouTube video for the “That’s Not Suntan Lotion” skit, From September 12, 2013.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show YouTube Video For September 11, 2013: Interview And Skit Recreating A Viral Dance Video From Sam Horowitz, The Bar Mitzvah Boy

The following comedy video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It was uploaded to YouTube on September 11, 2013.

Over the summer, a kid named Sam Horowitz released a video that went viral. The clip was a recording of an entrance he made to his Bar Mitzvah. The entrance had several girls dancing. And then Sam appears and joins in on the dance with the girls. The song they danced to is Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again,” featuring Pitbull.

The dance is super cheesy. But I like a lot of viral videos, sometimes a silly thing just takes off and gets millions of hits. More power to him. Hope he makes some money from the deal. If not, at least he made his Bar Mitzvah fun.

Ellen Video With Bar Mitzvah Boy, Sam Horowitz, Who Performs His Bar Mitzvah Dance And Does An Interview

CNN Viral Music Video: Norway’s “The Fox” Song, By Duo Ylvis, Gets Over 8 Million Views On YouTube In 4 Days

The following CNN music video shows a viral clip with a funny song called “The Fox.” This song was recorded by a duo from Norway. There is also a well-produced music video to go along with the song, which ponders the question of what a fox says. People are dancing around, and someone has a silly fox costume on while singing the song. This CNN video was added to their website on September 7, 2013. It aired on CNN Newsroom.

Ylvis is the name of the Norwegian duo that made “The Fox.” In only the first 4 days of being on YouTube, this viral hit has racked up over 8 million views. It appears on the “tvnorge” YouTube channel. The tune also has a good user rating so far, with about 132,000 Likes and 8000 Dislikes.

Here is the CNN video about Ylvis’s “The Fox.”

And here is the original YouTube clip of Ylvis’s funny song and music video.

CNN And YouTube Viral Video: Caitlin Heller’s Twerk Dance (She Catches On Fire)

The following CNN viral video is from YouTube. It was uploaded by Caitlin Heller, who was making a video of herself doing a twerk dance when a funny incident occurred. Twerking is the hip-shaking move that Miley Cyrus recently did at the MTV Video Music Awards. This video was added to the CNN website on September 6, 2013. It aired on the Erin Burnett Out Front TV show.

The YouTube video already has over 3 million views, and that is just in the first 3 days of being online.

So here is what happened. Caitlin was twerking around the room and decided to twerk upside down, with her feet against the door. Her roommate or someone opened the door to come in. At that time, there was a lit candle on the coffee table. When the other girl opened the door, Caitlin fell right on the coffee table. And she was set on fire by the candle. Her pants appeared to be burning.

For some reason, the video then abruptly ends. The girl does not appear to have been seriously injured.

Here is the CNN video showing this twerking viral video.

Here is Caitlin Heller’s original YouTube clip of her epic twerking fail.

CNN News Video: Kaitlin Jackson’s Campaign Against Cyberbullying

The following CNN news video is about Kaitlin Jackson’s anti-cyberbullying campaign. This clip was added to the CNN website on September 3, 2013.

Kaitlin spends hours and hours surfing the social media sites, like Facebook and, for trolls and bullies. She then reports them, often getting their accounts banned and the like.

Jackson is interviewed for this story and says a lot of the cyber bullies then threaten her. But she is not deterred and plans on continuing her campaign against the bullies and trolls.

The thing that is confusing about this story is that it doesn’t really give the background about how Kaitlin started the campaign. It just simply says that Kaitlin and her family have been victims of cyberbullying. Then, it starts talking about Hannah Smith and Daniel Perry, the girl and boy who recently committed suicide after being bullied or blackmailed online. It sounds like Daniel wasn’t even bullied. He was tricked and blackmailed, which is a completely different story.

Kaitlin Jackson then tries to place some of the blame on the websites, saying they have responsibility. I have no idea what this means. A large site can’t very well monitor every single message. That would be like saying the police should be able to stop all crime before it happens.

I applaud efforts against cyberbullying and certainly blackmail and extortion. But this particular story is completely unfocused and largely unproductive.

CNN Video About Kaitlin Jackson’s Campaign Against Cyberbullying

NBC Today Show And YouTube Viral Weather Video: Croatia – Storm Chaser Boris Basic’s “Pijavica” Waterspout Footage (August 30, 2013)

The following Today show weather video shows excellent footage of a waterspout in Croatia. The footage was provided by a storm chaser, Boris Basic. Boris uploaded the clip to YouTube on August 28, 2013. Since that time (about 48 hours), it has close to 6000 views. But that is likely to go up dramatically since this clip is now going viral. Today showed this Croatia waterspout on its August 30, 2013 episode.

A waterspout is basically a twister over water. It looks like the funnel that is made when you quickly stir a pitcher of water. But the spout is above the water instead of below it.

Word has it that this Croatian waterspout did not hit land, where a waterspout becomes a tornado and can do serious damage.

Click here to see Boris Basic’s original viral YouTube video, titled “Pijavica,” of this waterspout in Croatia.

Click here to see the Today story about this storm chaser’s waterspout footage.