San Bernardino, CA Crime News: Adante Whittiker And Jared Lee Belton Shot And Killed In Separate Incidents In 1200 Block of N. Sierra Way

In San Bernardino, California, we either have two related shootings in the same block or a very strange coincidence. 2 victims have been shot and killed, and a 3rd victim was injured. No one has been arrested for either alleged crime.


1200 block of N. Sierra Way (separate incidents but same block)


Victim Jared Lee Belton was shot and killed on Friday night, April 12, 2013. It was about 7 at night.

Victim Adante Whittiker was shot and killed on Thursday, April 11, 2013. The exact time was not provided. A 2nd victim with Whittiker was shot but survived. His name was not released.


There is no known suspect at this time in either the shooting of Jared Lee Belton or Adante Whittiker.


The interesting part is that these two shootings took place on the exact same San Bernardino block. While this could be a coincidence, police are obviously looking at any possible connection between these two incidents for a common suspect and motive.

Sources: Report On Shooting Deaths Of Jared Lee Belton And Adante Whittiker, In San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino, California Accident News: Pedestrian Rashashee Carl Edwards Struck And Killed At Fisher Street And Del Rosa Road

The Daily Bulletin reports that a pedestrian was struck and killed by at least two cars in San Bernardino, California.


Saturday, February 2, 2013, at about 9 at night


Intersection of Fisher Street and Del Rosa Road


Rashashee Carl Edwards was 32 years old. He lived in San Bernardino.


For some unknown reason, Edwards was either crossing the road or otherwise standing in the roadway. He was struck by at least two cars.


Two drivers stopped and are currently not expected to face criminal charges. Their names were not released.

Sources: Report On Pedestrian Death Of Rashashee Carl Edwards In San Bernardino, California

Johnson Valley, California Crash And Crime News: 3 Teens Killed, Including Tyler Shane Correll; Other Driver Was Allegedly Drunk reports that 3 teenagers were killed in a crash where the driver of the other vehicle is alleged to have been driving drunk. This accident was in Johnson Valley, California (San Bernardino County).


Old Woman Springs Road


Saturday night, February 2, 2013


1. Tyler Shane Correll was 18 years old. He lived in Hesperia, California.

2. The second teen was 18 years old. His name was not yet released.

3. The third teenager killed was 17 years old. His name had not yet been released.


The driver suspected of driving drunk (not Correll) veered into the wrong lane, causing a head-on collision with the teens’ vehicle.


This driver’s name has not yet been released. According to the report, he has not yet been charged with vehicular manslaughter in these 3 deaths. And it is not yet known if he will be charged because authorities need to rule out other possible causes. But he has been charged with drunk driving.

Sources: Report On Traffic Accident With Alleged Drunk Driving That Claimed The Life Of Tyler Shane Correll and 2 Other Teenagers

NBC Los Angeles Crime News Video: Apple Valley, California – Father’s Girlfriend, Amanda Sorensen, Arrested In Alleged 2-Year-Old Homicide Victim’s Chili Powder Death

The following NBC crime news video comes from the Los Angeles, California affiliate. It is about the alleged homicide of a 2-year-old girl victim and the arrest of a suspect, Amanda Sorensen. That suspect is none other than the victim’s father’s girlfriend.

The child is believed to have died from ingesting an excessive amount of chili powder. The working theory seems to be that that suspect was using chili powder to discipline the child. However, police have not confirmed that.

This is not your typical murder case and may end up being more like a manslaughter case unless there is proof that the woman intended to seriously injure the child. However, in cases where a child dies, there is a separate crime styled as child abuse resulting in death. According to, a conviction on that crime results in imprisonment for 25 years to life. However, the prosecution must prove that the assault on the child (abuse) was likely to cause great bodily injury. It doesn’t sound like chili powder is “likely” to cause great bodily injury. But the suspect could potentially still be convicted of manslaughter or various other child-abuse or similar charges.

We don’t know if there was any kind of confession in this case. If not, Sorensen might also claim that the child got into the chili powder by herself, causing the fatal accident.

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Violent Crime News For San Bernardino, California: Arthur Raymond Uribe Wanted For Allegedly Shooting 2 Victims; Considered Armed And Dangerous

The Los Angeles affiliate for CBS reports that Arthur Raymond Uribe is wanted for allegedly shooting 2 victims in a mobile home in San Barnardino, California. The victims were sleeping. The crime occurred on Friday, January 4, 2013. It was about 11 at night.

Crime Scene:

The mobile home where the shooting took place is on East Baseline Street.


Uribe is 24 years old. He lives in San Bernardino.


The victims’ names have not been released.


At this time, there isn’t much public information on a motive. The CBS article only states that the suspect knew one of the victims. Why he was made at that victim or would apparently try to kill him was not discussed.


CBS Los Angeles Report On Shooting Suspect Arthur Raymond Uribe in San Bernardino, California

San Barnardino, California Crime News: Jason Kenneth Anderson Shot And Killed At New Year’s Eve Party; 3 Victims Injured reports that Jason Kenneth Anderson was shot and killed in San Bernardino, California. He was attending a New Year’s Eve house party, on December 31, 2012. The shooting was around 11 at night.

This was the 47th and final homicide in San Bernardino in 2012. says that was an ugly increase from 30 the year before.


The crime scene was a house in the 600 block of West 28th Street.


Jason Kenneth Anderson was 39 years old. He lived in Victorville, California. He was the only one killed in this incident. 3 other unnamed victims were injured. But they are expected to survive.


The report only said that the suspect left the scene. No name or other information was provided.


There was some kind of argument at the party. It was not mentioned what the argument was about or why the suspect was so mad.


The Press-Enterprise Report On New Year’s Eve Shooting Death Of Jason Kenneth Anderson In San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino, California Crime News: Felipe Jason Moreno Shot And Killed At “End Of The World” Party; His Cousin Injured; Separate Victim Stabbed

ABC Local for Los Angeles reports that Felipe Jason Moreno was shot and killed at an “End Of The World” party in San Bernardino, California. His cousin was shot, and another man was stabbed. This crime took place on Friday, December 21, 2012. It was a little before midnight.

Note: Many people were predicting that the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. The prediction was based on the Mayan calendar, which ended on that day.

Crime Scene:

The home is located in the 1300 block of West 7th Street.

Facts And Motive:

It is not clear exactly what the motive is. But it just sounds like a party where things got way out of control. First, an unnamed 29-year-old victim was stabbed. After that, Moreno and has cousin were shot. It is considered possible that the shooting is related to the initial fight that resulted in the stabbing.


For now, no suspects have been identified in this shooting.


Felipe Jason Moreno was 20 years old. He lived in San Bernardino. His cousin is 22 years old.


ABC Local For Los Angeles Report On Shooting Death Of Felipe Jason Moreno At “End Of The World” Party In San Bernardino, California