Trending Video News: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Former Police Clerk, Sharon Hammitt, Arrested For Alleged ATV Thefts; Husband, John, Also Arrested

A person who previously worked as a clerk for the Philadelphia police has been arrested for allegedly stealing 3 ATVs. Her husband was allegedly involved, as well. Both were taken into custody.

Sharon Hammitt is 45. Husband John is 44.

Hammitt allegedly abused her position in the Auto Pound Unit to take ATVs that had been confiscated by the police.

Hammitt resigned from her position with the Philly police in December of 2014. published this story. No video is posted.

Thomas Lederach Arrested On Drug Charges In Kingston, Pennsylvania: Crime Video

This was an arrest in Kingston, Pennsylvania. It was on Thursday, July 24, 2014.

The suspect is Thomas Lederach, and he is 45 and from Dallas. Lederach lives on Bodle Road.

Police allege that Lederach sold a co-worker a pill of Adderall when the two were in the parking lot of a Domino’s pizza place, on Market Street.

In addition to driving on a suspended license, the suspect is facing several drug charges, including possession with intent to deliver, intentional possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The name of the co-worker was not provided. (video not included)

Francis Burke, Tyler Diamond, And Sean Flanagan Arrested On Drug Charges In Drexel Hill, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania: Crime Video

3 men have been arrested on drug charges at a shoot-em-up house in Drexel Hill, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. They include teen Francis Burke (19), Tyler Diamond (20), and Sean Flanagan (24).

This arrest was on Friday, July 25, 2014. It was about 6 in the morning, and police say the suspects were asleep.

The arrestees were in an apartment located on Derwyn Road. Neighbors complained that people were trafficking in and out of the house all hours of the day and night.

Burke, Diamond, and Flanagan are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Flanagan faces addition drug-possession charges for allegedly having some pills and marijuana. The type of pills were not identified yet. (no photo or video content)

Conway Crime Video: Councilman’s Wife, Kelly Mae DeDominicis, Arrested On Oxycodone Drug Charges

The wife of a councilman in Conway, Pennsylvania, has been arrested on drug charges. She allegedly sold oxycodone.

Police say an informant purchased oxycodone several times from Kelly Mae DeDominicis. She is 47. The sales were made at the suspect’s house, which is on Second Avenue.

The suspect is the wife of Councilman Mark DeDominicis.

There is no indication at present that the councilman was involved. Calls to get rid of him are completely silly at this point. That is just at attempt at painting someone guilty by association. WTAE shouldn’t even report such nonsense, as there is no way a councilman is going to get booted for a family member’s alleged criminal activities.!bnzTqv

Crime Video News: Thomas Fields Shot And Killed In West Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Victim: Thomas Fields – 47 years old

Suspect: not known

City, State: West Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Address: 2100 block of Spencer Street

Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014

Time: early in the morning

Fields was shot twice by an unknown shooter. Police are still trying to determine the motive and who did it.

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Crime Video News: Thomas Lee Everett Paris Shot And Killed In Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

Victim: Thomas Lee Everett Paris – 43 years old

Suspect: Jeffrey C. Sack Jr. – 22 years old

City, State: Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

Address: Route 65 in Wayne Township

Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014

Time: 10:20 in the evening

It’s pretty much impossible to follow’s report on this alleged crime. It’s one of the most poorly written articles I have seen in a while. So I can’t report on much of the facts and don’t recommend reading that article for details. However, it was clearly states that Paris was shot in a shootout between him, Rashund Alteric Smith, and Monica Jackson.

How Sack has ended up getting charged is not very clear from the public reports. He is charged with aggravated assault. But no one has actually been charged yet with shooting and killing Paris. Police at least need some ballistics testing and then to pin down who was using the weapon used to hit Paris before they can reasonably charge someone. Then, there may be self-defense issues.

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Crime Video News: John Mapp Shot And Killed By Brother In West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Victim: John Mapp, 40 years old

Shooter: Mapp’s brother

City, State: West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Address: 5800 block of Filbert Street

Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014

Time: 3:40 in the morning

John Mapp’s 34-year-old brother is a paraplegic. He shot and killed Mapp. The police were told by someone (it isn’t clear who) that the brother shot John to keep John from physically harming their 38-year-old sister. In other words, the shooter is saying he was acting in defense of others (the sister).

The paraplegic brother has not been criminally charged at this time. But the investigation is not over. the case probably comes down to whether the brother reasonably believed that the sister was under immediate threat of serious bodily injury or death. The history of violence in the family and John Mapp’s history of violence is relevant to this.

Link to Article: (no video provided)

Crime Video News: Teen Naytel Pack Shot And Killed In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Victim: Naytel Pack (17-year-old teenager from Pittsburgh)

Suspect: not known

City, State: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Garfield neighborhood)

Address: North Evaline and Broad streets

Date: Thursday, July 18, 2014

Time: in the evening (only said to be around dinner time)

This victim was shot and killed at Nelson Mandela Peace Park. Someone shot him multiple times in the back. There was no indication from the police who the suspect might be or what the motive was. WPXI interviewed Pack’s uncle, who said he was an average kid trying to make a better life. His statements did not really provide any clues as to possible suspects or a motive, though.

Link to Article: (video is included with article)

Crash Video Files: Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania: Stephen Bruno Killed In Car Accident At Piazza Honda Of Pottstown Car Dealership

One man was killed in this one-vehicle crash. There was no report of any injured passengers or pedestrians. ABC has a video about this accident that you can watch by using the link posted below.

Date: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Time: Around 3:30 in the afternoon

City / County / State: Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


Piazza Honda of Pottstown (the car dealership lot) is located at 629 N. Lewis Road, in Limerick, Pennsylvania.

Victims Killed:

1. Stephen Bruno was 61 and lived in Spring City, Pennsylvania.

Victims Injured:



Bruno lost control and went over a snow bank next to the road. He then crashed into several cars in the Piazza lot. It is not known what caused Bruno to go off of the road.


Limerick Patch

ABC Video

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Crash Video Files: Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania: New Jersey Truck Driver, Arvind Bains, Killed In 1-Vehicle Accident On Pennsylvania Turnpike

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Crash Video Files: Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania: New Jersey Truck Driver, Arvind Bains, Killed In 1-Vehicle Accident On Pennsylvania Turnpike

One New Jersey truck driver was killed in this Pennsylvania one-vehicle crash. There were no passengers in the cab at the time of the accident.

Date: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Time: About 40 minutes after 12 noon

City / County / State: Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania

Address: Pennsylvania Turnpike

Victims Killed:

1. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Arvind Bains was from Cartright, New Jersey. He was 43 years old.

Victims Injured:



For some unknown reason, Bains lost control and hopped the curb at the New Stanton Service Plaza, went through a guiderail, and then crashed down an embankment. Police still don’t know what caused Bains to go off the road. But they say weather and road conditions did not play a part in the crash.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Crash Video Files: Washington Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania: Mary Reed Killed In 1-Vehicle Accident On Sweet Arrow Lake Road; Bonnie Neal And Annie Reed Injured

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