CNN News Video – Jessica Simpson’s New Baby on Cover of People

The CNN news video below is an HLN Special Report. It talks about Jessica Simpson’s new baby being on the front cover of People Magazine. Jessica is a pop singer who has had a great deal of success as a celebrity endorser. She also loves fashion and just starred in that Fashion Star contest on NBC.

Jessica’s new baby’s name is Maxwell (“Maxie” for short).

The report also talks about Simpson getting involved with Weight Watchers. The guest is rather skeptical that she can lose all the weight. This was a bit of a silly conversation. Of course, she is getting in Weight Watchers for the money. You think she is doing it to lose weight? Jessica just did Fashion Star at 170 pounds. She doesn’t need to be 110 anymore.

CNN News Video – “Busting The Obama ‘Birther’ Conspiracy”

CNN News just ran another video piece on the Obama birther conspiracy. This video was added to the website on May 30, 2012. It was part of Anderson Cooper 360.

In this video, a newspaper employee confirms that there would have been no way to falsely report a birth in Hawaii in 1961 to the newspapers. The Department of Health had already said that’s the way the system worked back then. Thus, neither Barack Obama’s grandmother nor anyone else could have simply called up on the phone or otherwise falsely reported a Hawaii birth because the records came directly from the hospital and Department of Health.

A Republican who was a former member of the Republican governor’s cabinet also looked at the official birth certificate and said that it appears genuine.

The current Democratic governor of the state says he knew the Obamas and went to school with them and even remembers Obama being born there.

As for the conspiracy theorists, they will always just create a new thread in the conspiracy to respond to confirmation or evidence that President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Of course, they will now just say that someone bribed hospital or Department of Health officials to create a false record. And EVERYONE, including the governor of Hawaii, just has to be lying. :)

You can see the CNN news video of this report below. It is a somewhat one-sided piece. But you have to understand the birthers really have no credible claims, so there really isn’t much to repond to and refute. As soon as they have some kind of credible claim with some teeth in it, that would be time to respond. At this point, only a fool would side with these birthers.

CNN News Video – Who Is The Hottest Hollywood Mom? Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez?

Beyonce recently returned to the public spotlight after having a baby. CNN’s Headline News is teasing a silly rivalry between Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez by asking who is the hottest Hollywood mom.

Beyonce recently gave birth to Blue Ivy. And she returned in a rather sexy outfit for her first public performance. You can see clips of the sexy look in the CNN video embedded below.

They then have a silly segment where they actually break down point by point whether Jennifer or Beyonce is the hottest mom, ultimately sidestepping the question and saying that it’s Beyonce because she is more talented. No one is denying that, but the question was who is the hottest. And on that inquiry, I give it to Jennifer Lopez.

CNN News Video – Anderson Cooper’s The Ridiculist : Doctor Screws Up Wedding Proposal

Anderson Cooper 360 runs a segment called The Ridiculist. On this CNN video, which was added to the website on May 29, 2012, a brain surgeon screws up big time when trying to propose to his girlfriend.

The doctor gets the bright idea of hiding the engagement ring in the sand while he and his girl were on the beach in Naples, Florida. He somehow forgets exactly where he hid the ring, and they have to look for hours to find it (recruiting several people on the beach to help dig for it).

The young brain surgeon finally hires a guy with a metal detector, who ends up finding it.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta laughingly chimed in by saying that brain surgeons are good at what they do but don’t necessarily have a lot of common sense.

CNN News Video – Corgi Dog Causes Home Explosion

The below video is a funny CNN clip of one of Jeanne Moos’s CNN reports. A corgi dog by the name of Yogi was “attacking” cleaning products under the sink. One of the aerosol cans exploded, causing paint to splash all over the owner and Yogi. This, in turn, caused a fire due to a pilot light under that sink. The fire department was supposedly called.

A lot of people think this incident was staged. I have to admit it sure seemed to take a long time for that explosion to occur, and the fumes seemed to be shooting in the wrong direction for that to happen. However, there is a post on a Los Angeles Fire Department that describes the exact same incident. That still doesn’t mean it wasn’t staged, but it makes it less likely. A lot of people said that this was either fake or that these people were incredibly stupid.

Jeanne Moss did the reporting on this story. I still can’t believe CNN pays her to do this stuff.

CNN News Video – David Letterman Says Brian Williams Can Have His Job

Regis Philbin recently guest hosted Piers Morgan Tonight, and one of the guests was David Letterman. Regis asked Letterman about his favorite guests, and Dave mentioned Regis, Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, Tom Hanks, and Bill Murray.

Regis then said that Brian Williams wants Letterman’s job, and Letterman said he could have it. I guess that means he would have no problem passing the mantle to Brian Williams after he retires. The CNN video of this exchange then abruptly cut off. You can watch the clip below.

CNN News Video – Michelle Obama On The View : Smarter Than Barack And Not Interested in Politics

CNN recently reported on Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View. Michelle jokingly said that she is smarter than Barack because she chooses jobs easier than politics. She also said that she has no interest at all in politics and will not run for any political office.

This CNN news video was added on May 29, 2012. You can watch a short clip below of this report.

Incidentally, does this even qualify as news? It seems like CNN could better fill its time with some actual analysis of just about anything over this non-story.

CNN News Video – New Homemade Video In George Smith Honeymoon Murder on Cruise Ship

George Smith was on his honeymoon on a cruise ship. The evidence of murder is that there was a large amount of blood found on the edge of the ship and a missing George Smith.

Nancy Grace has reported that a homemade video has surfaced of four men on the ship allegedly bragging about George’s death. The word “bragging” is thrown around a lot in criminal investigations, so we need to actually see the tape to understand exactly what was being said and which of these four guys said it.

However, the tape is apparently with the FBI and is not being shared with the public at this time. The four men are reportedly three Russian Americans and one other guy who were all seen hanging out with George Smith before he wound up dead.

Below, you can the CNN news video of this Nancy Grace report.

CNN News Video – Missing Co-ed Mickey Shunick’s Bike Found Damaged And In Water

Jane Velez-Mitchell show on CNN’s Headline News (HLN) ran an update on missing co-ed Mickey Shunick. You can see the report in the CNN news video embedded below.

Mickey bike was found by a fisherman. It was submerged in water. According to the police, the back tire was badly damaged. It is not clear what this means, but this suggest that it is at least possible that Mickey was hit by a vehicle before she disappeared.

Mickey’s sister Charlie is on the video, as well.

Another thing that is seen on this CNN video is surveillance video of Mickey riding her bike home on Friday at around 2 a.m. Charlie thinks it is possible that someone accidentally hit her and then moved the body. In these kinds of cases, you often see a hit and run instead of someone stopping and then moving the body. So for now, we still can’t rule out an abduction.

CNN News Video – Wolf Blitzer Calls Donald Trump “Ridiculous” Over Obama Birther Issue

As people who have followed the birther issue already know, two Hawaii newspapers published the local birth of Barack Obama in 1961. Even Bill O’Reilly says this is not a real controversy.

Donald Trump keeps trying to keep his name in the media by perpetuating this birther issue. On this CNN video, he just blindly claims that some people falsely report the birth of a child to avail themselves of the benefit of being an American citizen. This is a huge stretch with no evidcence to back it up. It’s like saying no contracts should be considered valid becuase some contracts are invalid due to fraud. Yeah, Trump. Let’s just invalidate every legal document or status in the world because somebody somewhere commits fraud.

Trump also suggested on Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room that the Democratic governor may have been in on a conspiracy to falsely issue the birth certificate issued to Barack Obama.