Halifax, Massachusetts Crash News: Caitlin Ledwell Killed In One-Car Accident After Hitting Tree

The Boston Globe has reported on the death of Caitlin Ledwell in a car crash in Halifax, Massachusetts. The accident occurred on Saturday, October 6, 2012.


According to the fire department, Ledwell was driving at a speed of about 100 miler per hour in her Nissan Rogue. She apparently failed to negotiate a curve, ran off of South Street, and rammed a tree. The report does not state how authorities determined that Caitlin Ledwell was speeding at such a high rate.

There were no other vehicles involved in this accident and no passengers in Ledwell’s car.

It is not stated whether she was wearing a seat belt. However, that may not have mattered in this case since the severe impact, by itself, likely caused the injuries. The car was even split in two and exploded.

Caitlin Ledwell was 26 years old and lived in Halifax, Massachusetts.


Boston Globe

CNN Massachusetts Crime News Video – Mylazia Johnson And Others Released From Prison In Chemist Annie Dookhan Drug Lab Scandal

The following CNN crime news video is about a harmful scandal in drug testing in the Massachusetts criminal justice system. Annie Dookhan has been criminally charged with tampering with all sorts of drug tests, including adding cocaine to negative samples and improperly weighing substances so they reach the exact amount needed for a felony or higher conviction. This video was added to the CNN website on October 5, 2012.

Mylazia Johnson is one of the drug-related convicts who has already been released based on Annie Dookhan’s fraudulent lab work. You can hear her story in this video.

Of course, Johnson claims she is innocent. The real harm in what Annie Dookhan did, though, is that it is now impossible to even tell who is guilty and who is not guilty whenever a person was convicted based on her drug-test results. Some of them would have been guilty, anyway, if she had just properly done the testing. This created an extremely inefficient justice system.

There are other problems. Why is Massachusetts using a lab without proper protocols to ensure this sort of thing doesn’t go on for years? Colleagues saw her do things wrong and did nothing about it. These people should be fired and blackballed, and this industry needs to have an honor code.

Dookhan was a liar from the start. She got hired partially based on the false claim that she had a master’s degree. That is another unacceptable lack of oversight. Has this lab never heard of sealed transcripts sent directly from the university to the employer? What a freaking joke for Massachusetts to so carelessly run a criminal justice system. Jesus, they are hardly even trying.

Falmouth, Massachusetts Accident News: 18-Year-Old Albino Fernandes Killed When Jumping Or Falling Out of Car

The Boston Globe has reported on a deadly incident in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Albino Fernandes, who was only 18 years old, has been killed when falling out of a moving car. This incident occurred on Thursday, October 4, 2012.

According to police, this accident occurred behind the East Falmouth Library. The Boston Globe cites the police as saying Albino Fernandes jumped from the vehicle. It is not clear enough to tell from the limited facts, though, whether this was a suicide, an accident, or some kind of foul play.

The report also only states that Fernandes was a passenger. It does not say who was driving or how many other people were in the car at the time of the incident. But the Falmouth Police Department is continuing to investigate to determine exactly what happened. As far as can be discerned from the Boston Globe report on this death of Albino Fernandes, no one has been arrested or accused of a crime yet in this case.

Falmouth is in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, which is on Cape Cod. It has a population of around 31,000 residents.

Boston And Stoughton, Massachusetts Crime News: David Wade (17) Shot And Killed By 21-Year-Old Brother In Basement Of Family Home

The Boston Globe has reported on the death of David Wade, a 17-year-old student at Stoughton High School (Massachusetts). Wade was shot and killed by his own brother in the basement of their home. This incident occurred on Saturday, September 29, 2012.

Crime Or Accident?

Well, this is not an easy question. Some accidents are still crimes, especially when it comes to reckless use of a gun or vehicle. As of now, though, the 21-year-old brother has not been arrested. He is reportedly cooperating with police, who say this may have just been an accident.

From a legal perspective, an accident would still not rule out charges such as involuntary manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide. It just depends on the facts of the case and how local police and prosecutors feel about the situation. They are less likely to file charges when someone cooperates, such as this 21-year-old brother is reportedly doing. It is also relevant that the brother who shot David Wade had a firearms license.

As far as exactly what happened in that basement, the Boston Globe report is not saying what the brother told police. Perhaps the police are not sharing that information at this time.


Boston Globe

Lowell, Massachusetts Accident and Crime News: Fabian Bolanos Killed In Hit-And-Run Accident; Police Looking For Suspect

The Boston Globe has reported on a hit-and-run accident in Lowell, Massachusetts. This incident occurred on Sunday, September 24, 2012. Fabian Bolanos, who was 50 years old, died in this hit-and-run incident. It occurred on West 6th Street.

The Globe report is very vague but implies that Bolanos was struck while walking as a pedestrian.

There is no name for a suspect at this time. However, you can read a description of the car that hit Fabian below. Call the Lowell, Massachusetts police if you spot this vehicle or even think you have seen it. Their number is (978) 937-3200.

Description Of Hit-And-Run Car:

Police believe the vehicle is an older model gold Buick. They are not sure but feel that, based on the situation, it probably has some damage on the front end, including a busted headlight.


Boston Globe Report On Death Of Fabian Bolanos In Hit-And-Run Accident In Lowell, Massachusetts

Boston And Methuen, Massachusetts Crash News: Westford’s Kurt Kelly Killed In Multi-Car Collision On Interstate 495

The Boston Globe has reported on a fatal car accident that occurred on Friday, September 21, 2012. Kurt Kelly was killed in a multi-car crash within the city of Methuen, Massachusetts. The accident occurred on I-495.


Kurt Kelly was 32 years old and lived in Westford. He was the only victim to die in this head-on collision at the time of the Globe report.

Jeffrey Plante was the only other seriously injured person. He was taken to the hospital (Boston Medical Center) and said to have life-threatening injuries.


Plante’s car caused the crash. We can’t assume yet that he personally caused it because there could be medical, mechanical, or other reasons besides negligent driving. And police do not think Plante was drinking alcohol. But what police do know is that Plante’s car drove up onto some dirt that formed the median between the lanes going in opposite directions, flew into the air, and landed on the other side. But instead of hitting the ground, Plante’s car unluckily  crashed right into Kurt Kelly’s vehicle. Kelly died at the scene of the accident.

Police said that two other cars suffered some damage but had nothing to do with the cause of the accident. Additionally, no one else was injured.


Boston Globe Report On Traffic Death Of Kurt Kelly In Methuen, Massachusetts


Boston And Stoughton, Massachusetts Accident News: 3-Year-Old Shayla Lutz Hit and Killed By Truck When Crossing Street

This tragic story was reported by the Boston Globe. Stoughton is a Massachusetts town that is about 15 miles from Boston. A 3-year-old child, Shayla Lutz, was struck and killed by a truck when crossing the street. This incident occurred on Friday, September 14, 2012. The approximate location was the Central Street Helen H. Hansen Elementary School.

Cause And Criminal Issues:

There are several relevant issues in determining whether or not the driver of the truck was at fault in this deadly accident:

1. Shayla was with her mother, but they were jaywalking.

2. It was a school zone. So the speed limit was 20 miles per hour.

3. People living or working in the neighborhood say they have never seen a crossing guard. This may not be relevant to this particular case. But it is certainly something that the school or community should be thinking about implementing.

4. The driver was questioned and apparently was not drunk or anything.

5. District Attorney Morrissey said that there was also no indication that the truck was speeding.

6. This is a very busy street.

It sounds as if the mother was careless in having her 3-year-old daughter cross a busy street in a jaywalking manner. She could have used crosswalks. When you are an adult, you can make your own decisions. But your 3-year-old child doesn’t know any better and relies on you to make proper safety decisions.

Although a decision has not been made on criminal charges, I would be more worried if I were the mom at this point than if I were the driver. She could be held responsible for the child’s death. But it is just not clear enough from the Boston Globe report exactly what happened. It is also not clear why 3-year-old Shayla Lutz was hit by the truck while the mother was not.


Boston Globe Report On This Stoughton, Massachusetts Traffic Death


Boston, Massachusetts Crash News: Roxbury’s Idefonso Barros Killed In Wrong-Way Accident At Tip O’Neill Tunnel

The Boston Herald has reported on a deadly car crash near the Tip O’Neill Tunnel. The accident occurred on Sunday, September 9, 2012.


1. Idefonso Barros, who lived in Roxbury, Massachusetts, was killed in this accident. He was thrown from the vehicle. Barros was the driver of the car that was proceeding in the wrong direction on Interstate 93. The Tip O’Neill Tunnel is a small portion of I-93 that is part of the so-called “Big Dig.”

2. The other car that was most seriously impacted in the collision was driven by an unnamed 45-year-old woman. Her injuries were serious enough to be taken to the hospital. However, she is expected to survive.

Although a third car was mentioned in the Boston Herald report, no further injuries were reported.


For some reason, Barros was driving the wrong way. We may never know why since he died in this traffic accident. Some common causes of drivers going the wrong way include alcohol or drugs and medical conditions, such as seizures or blackouts.

There will likely be no criminal charges in this Tip O’Neill Tunnel wrong-way crash since the person who caused the wreck is deceased.


Boston Herald Report On The Car Crash And Death Of Idefonso Barros In Boston, Massachusetts

Whitman, Massachusetts Accident News: Richard C. Brown Hits Two Pedestrians On Temple Street; Edward Cordwell, Jr. Killed And One Girl Injured

The following traffic accident was reported in the Boston Globe. It happened on Sunday, September 9, 2012.

In Whitman, Massachusetts, Richard C. Brown, who is from Attleboro, was driving a vehicle that struck two pedestrians at 230 Temple Street.


Edward Cordwell, Jr. was one of the pedestrians. He was killed in this car accident. Cordwell was 38 years old, and he lived in Whitman.

A second victim was a young girl, but the Boston Globe report did not provide personal details about her. The girl was seriously injured and sent to Massachusetts General Hospital. However, she was reported as being alert and talking before leaving the scene.


It is not clear at this time what caused the accident. Therefore, it would be premature to accuse Richard C. Brown of any crime in connection with this incident. However, it is at least possible that he could be prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter. It just depends on the facts of the case. The fact that he hit two pedestrians at least suggests that he either was not paying attention or lost control of the vehicle. However, there could be many innocent explanations for this.


Boston Globe Report On Pedestrian Traffic Death Of Edward Cordwell, Jr. In Whitman, Massachusetts

Federal Judge Mark Wolf Orders Massachusetts Department of Corrections To Provide Sex Change to Convicted Murderer, Robert (Michelle) Kosilek

The following civil case involves the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which requires the Department of Corrections in each state to provide adequate medical care to prison inmates. Criminals lose a lot of rights. But what they don’t lose the right to is health care that falls under the umbrella of a “medical necessity.”

What federal judge Mark Hunt has determined is that Michelle Kosilek has the medical necessity of a sex-change operation (gender reassignment surgery) because no other procedure will adequately cure his/her gender-identity disorder.

Robert Kosilek, who now goes by “Michelle,” is serving life in prison for murdering his wife.

In this situation, the Massachusetts Department of Corrections must also pay for the operation. Their argument that it raises security concerns is rather weak. There are plenty of ways to segregate such an inmate to avoid sexual assault. Judge Mark Hunt found the argument an excuse and apparently thinks it it not relevant to the central 8th Amendment issue. A lot of people are going to say that a sex change is simply a preference and not medically necessary. But if a person actually has a gender-identity disorder, the claim that the operation is medically necessary to treat that disorder is certainly not a bad argument.

This case is probably not over and could even go all the way to the United States Supreme Court since it involves a federal constitutional issue.


Associated Press Story On This Michelle Kosilek Inmate Sex-Change Court Ruling