CBS Local Video For Baltimore, Maryland: Extreme Bullying of Teacher At Digital Harbor High School

The following CBS news video is from the local Baltimore, Maryland affiliate. It is about a bullying incident at Digital Harbor High School, which is in East Baltimore.

There are a couple of things I see here. First, the bullying is partially physical (thumping the teacher) and completely unacceptable. It is made worse by the fact that the two girl students are teaming up against the substitute teacher. This amplifies the fear that the teacher may have had in the situation. She is surrounded on both open sides.

There is also some evidence that this teacher needs some additional training in how to manage a classroom. Even one second of standing up and walking around the room without permission should be met with a command to sit down. You can’t give students a single inch, or they will try to take a mile. So while the bullying was completely inappropriate and bordering on criminal for the one girl’s physical taunting, there was a complete lack of swift disciplinarian action on the part of the teacher. This needs to be improved, as well.

CNN Weather News Video: Montage Of iReporter Videos Of Hurricane Sandy In New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Maryland, And Massachusetts (October 30, 2012)

The following CNN weather news video is about Hurricane Sandy. On Monday, October 29, 2012, Sandy began to wreak major havoc in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding states. This is true even though Sandy was technically downgraded to a tropical storm.

A CNN iReporter is a regular TV viewer who submits his or her own video. It is based on the concept that CNN can’t be everywhere all the time. So regular viewers often provide video footage of something that the network would otherwise not have. This clip shows a montage of iReporter images of Superstorm Sandy.

Cities or areas covered in this montage include the following:

1. Long Island, New York

2. Ocean City, Maryland

3. Asbury Park, New Jersey

4. Jersey City, New Jersey

5. New York City (unidentified areas)

6. Davis, West Virginia (it actually snowed hard here)

7. South Boston, Massachusetts

8. Boston, Massachusetts

Pasadena, Maryland Crime News: Matthew Morrow Shot And Killed At House Party; Darren Costa Injured

AP and the San Francisco Chronicle have reported about 2 victims of a shooting at a Pasadena, Maryland (Anne Arundel County) house party. 21-year-old Matthew Morrow was shot and killed, and a 2nd unnamed victim was shot and injured. This crime took place on Saturday, October 13, 2012.


The two victims were reportedly standing outside the house where the party took place. The address of the house was not published in the Associated Press report.

The facts and evidence seem rather sparse beyond that. It was reported that the person or persons who killed Morrow fled the scene in a dark vehicle. But where did the shooter come from? Was this a drive-by shooting? Or was this someone who was at the party, got mad for some reason, shot the victims, and took off? The AP report doesn’t talk about this or any motive or suspects. However, the police said they do not believe the crime was random. So that lessens the likelihood that was just a random drive-by shooting.

The second victim is 20 years old and is expected to survive.


The Baltimore Sun reported that the injured victim is Darren Costa, an MMA fighter who was just about to turn pro. The house is located in the 7000 block of Outing Avenue.


San Francisco Chronicle And Associated Press Report On Shooting Death and Apparent Murder of Matthew Morrow In Pasadena, Maryland

Baltimore And Wheaton, Maryland Crash News: Ega Egbemimon Edorh-Ananou Killed When Riding Motorcycle And Colliding With Truck

The Baltimore Sun has reported on a motorcycle crash that took the life of Ega Egbemimon Edorh-Ananou. The accident occurred in Wheaton, Maryland. It took place on Saturday, September 29, 2012, at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Ennalls Avenue.

Ega Egbemimon Edorh-Ananou is the only fatality in the crash, and there are no other reported injuries.


The exact details are not clear. But police believe that the motorcycle rider in this case entered the lane of the truck with which he collided. And being the much smaller vehicle, you are naturally going to be the one at the greatest risk of injury or death. The report does not specifically say that was either the motorcycle or truck driver’s fault. Ega Egbemimon Edorh-Ananou may have been negligent in the operation of his bike, but that is not certain. The investigation continues.


Baltimore Sun Report On This Motorcycle Accident And Death In Wheaton, Maryland

Maryland And Virginia Crash News: Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Torrey Smith’s Brother, Tevin, Killed In Motorcycle Accident

The Washington Post is reporting that Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has had a death in the family. Younger brother Tevin Smith was killed in a motorcycle accident. The fatal crash occurred in the Northern Virginia, on Sunday, September 23, 2012.

The Post report did not have details on the cause of the motorcycle wreck at the time of publication.

Torrey Smith may or may not play in the Sunday night football game against the New England Patriots. The Post says that head coach John Harbaugh said he is fine with Smith skipping the game to be with his family.

The Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots each have 1 win and 1 loss on the young season.


Washington Post Report On Motorcycle Death of Tevin Smith (Torrey’s Brother)