NBC Today Show Video: Interview With America’s Got Talent 8 Winner and Japanese Dancer, Kenichi Ebina (September 19, 2013)

The following Today show entertainment video contains an interview with Kenichi Ebina. He is the Japanese dancer who just won the 8th season of America’s Got Talent. Kenichi took home one million dollars for the win. The results show was on Wednesday, September 18. 2013. This video interview is from the next day (September 19).

Kenichi is the first dancer to win AGT. But he won by creating a show, not just dancing. Kenichi added magic, mime, and interaction with characters on a TV screen. Dancing is just part of his act.

Kenichi thought he would finish in 3rd or 4th place. When he got in the top 2, he was like, “What am I going to do?”

He thought about the million dollars and his life changing before winning. But he tried not to.

Ebina said he has been really busy over the past two weeks because he was putting his routines together.

Today Video With Interview Of Kenichi Ebina, Winner Of The 8th Season Of America’s Got Talent

NBC Today Show Video: Interview With Wade Robson, Who Says Michael Jackson Sexually Abused Him (May 16, 2013)

The following Today show video has an interview with Wade Robson. Wade is a successful dance choreographer. He spent some time around Michael Jackson when he was a kid. Wade defended Michael Jackson for years and even testified during Jackson’s criminal trial that the singer did not sexually abuse him. Now, a few years after Jackson’s death, he has done a 180 and says that Jackson sexually abused him for years. This interview aired on the May 16, 2013 episode of Today.

This is a long piece. You can listen and decide for yourself if Robson, who has now filed as a creditor against Jackson’s estate, is telling the truth now. Bear in mind that he is looking for money as a part of proceedings involving Michael’s estate. Also keep in mind, however, that it is common for children to deny being abused even if they were because of the embarrassment and other feelings that go along with this experience (and other complicated psychological factors).

One other thing to keep in mind is an issue of repressed memories. While there is such a thing as repressed memories, some of these supposedly recovered memories can also be false memories. Even if a person thinks his memory is real after being repressed, it is sometimes an honest mistake. So this is more than an issue of just telling a lie or telling the truth. Even if Robson thinks he is telling the truth now, he could be mistaken – especially if people have screwed with his head in regards to repressed memories.

Note, however, that Robson says this is not about repressed memories. But if that is true, one could argue that he has even less credibility. Why? It’s one thing not to admit that you were abused. But it’s another to, as an adult, go into a court of law and tell a judge and jury in an adamant fashion that you were not abused. In a related note, just because he is saying that it is not repressed memories doesn’t necessarily mean he is telling the truth.

Click here to see the Today show interview with Wade Robson, who now says that he was sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

NBC Today Show Entertainment Video: Quvenzhane Wallis Loses Again In Dance-Off After MTV Movie Awards (April 17, 2013)

The following NBC Today show video has an impromptu dance contest between 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis and another little girl. Wallis was the youngest actress ever nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. Quvenzhane got the nomination for her role in “Beasts Of The Southern Wild.” She did not win the Academy Award.

In this dance contest, Wallis lost again. The other girl mopped the floor with her. But it was fun to watch, anyway. Wallis was okay, but she’s clearly a better actor than dancer.

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Video For April 15, 2013: Dance Performance; DWTS’s D.L. Hughley And Cheryl Burke

The following video comes from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It aired on the Monday, April 15, 2013 episode. This clip is a dance performance from two current contestants on Dancing With The Stars. Comedian and actor D.L. Hughley is the celebrity contestant, and his partner is professional dancer, Cheryl Burke.

D.L. Hughley has had vocal disagreements and appears to be disgusted with judge Len Goodman this season. But this pair has not been eliminated, and Ellen says they could go all the way. LOL. D.L. has no rhythm at all. he looks awkward the whole time. They have no chance short of a deluge of sympathy votes.

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CNN News Video: Baton Rouge, Louisiana – LSU Students Do A “Harlem Shake” Flash Mob

The following CNN news video was captured at Louisiana State University (LSU), which is in Baton Rouge (the state capital). It was added to the CNN website on February 16, 2013.

You need to know two concepts to understand this clip. The first is a flash mob, which is basically a group of people getting together and filming themselves doing something. It’s often some kind of dance routine. The second concept is the Harlem Shake. This is a new dance craze. The basic idea is that the leader of the group puts on a helmet or something else on his head and starts dancing. And a few seconds later, the crowd joins in and starts dancing, as well.

So this video is a flash mob of LSU students doing the Harlem Shake. Expect to see quite a few more of these Harlem Shake videos until the craze dies out in two months or however long it lasts.

NBC Today Show Video: Today Show Anchors Do The Harlem Shake Valentine’s Edition; Al Roker As Cupid (February 13, 2013)

The following Today show video shows footage of the Today show anchors dancing a new dance craze. This video aired on the February 13, 2012 episode of the Today show.

This was one day before Valentine’s Day. So Today combined the Harlem Shake dance with Valentine’s for this performance. The funniest thing was seeing Al Roker doing the Harlem Shake as Cupid. He even had his bow and arrows with him while grooving to the music.

Willie Geist was jamming, as well. The other anchors, like Matt and Savannah, kind of did supporting roles on this Harlem Shake performance. But Matt was still embarrassed. He said this dance craze is sweeping the nation. Al said they just put the brakes on it.

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