CNN News Video – 86-Year-Old Chicago World War II Vet Robbed

In the CNN news video below, there is a lot of surveillance video of an 86-year-old man being attacked and robbed by two younger men. The victim is a World War II vet, but his identity is not being revealed for security purposes. This dastardly crime occurred in Chicago.

The two dirt bags followed the man around as he went to the bank and other places. They followed him home and attacked him in the hallway of the residential building where he lives.

It should be just a matter of time before they catch these guys, as at least one of them can be seen pretty clearly on the video.

The robbers got around $400. What is so pathetic about this is that, if you consider the amount stolen (probably much less in a lot of cases), think about how many victims there would be if these scum bags are doing this to earn a living. Pretty much every justification for a maximum sentence exists in this case. They stalked and ambushed the guy like an animal and chose a weaker prey for the easy robbery. Scum suckers should have the book thrown at them.

CNN News Video – Ottawa Teen Girls Charged With Sex Trafficking Of Other Teen Girl

The following is a CNN news video that was originally provided by Canada’s CBC.

In it, you will hear the story of some teen girls charged with sex trafficking. They allegedly “forced” other teen girls to engage in prostitution.

The incidents are alleged to involve kidnappings and beatings to force the teens (13 to 17) to perform acts of prostitution. These acts were also achieved by driving the girls to the customers, so it would have been difficult for the teens to resist or escape under those circumstances.

Parents should also be aware that these Ottawa sex-trafficking victims were caught in this situation through social media. Parents should be keeping tabs on their kids’ Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking accounts.

Two 15-year-old suspects have been arrested. One 17-year-old suspect is still at large.

In addition to human trafficking, the girls are charged with sexual assault. This is possible through the law of accomplice liability even if the girls did not physically participate in the forced sexual acts.

CNN News Video – California Police Bust “Operation China Doll” Sex-Trafficking Ring

The following CNN news video contains clips of California law enforcement busting a sex-trafficking ring called “Operation China Doll.” The illegal crime ring was selling Asian females into forced prostitution.

This video was added to the CNN website on June 11, 2012.

This investigation lasted 7 months, and 4 suspects were arrested. The alleged victims were 10 women from China. They were brought to the US on visitor visas, typically under some kind of false pretenses. And the pimps select women who they know do not speak English. That makes it easier to maintain control over these sex-trafficking slaves.

CNN News Video – Water Board Member Anthony Sanchez Arrested For Child Abuse

The following CNN news video shows clips of a step father, Anthony Sanchez, spanking his step son with a belt. CNN’s use of the word “beat” is highly misleading, as what I saw on the tape was standard disciplinary techniques, not a beating. Now, I won’t argue that spanking is generally not a good idea. But that doesn’t mean spanking is against the law.

Whether Anthony Sanchez is guilty of a crime in a case like this basically turns on whether it was actual discipline being meted out and whether the force was unreasonable. On its face, the tape does not appear to show any kind of unreasonably excessive force in the eyes of the law. Again, you may personally disapprove of physical discipline. But that is not relevant to the legal question of child abuse.

There’s a decent chance that there will be no prosecution in this case. It has already apparently been confirmed that there was no hint of any kind of serious injury. Second, the boy has admitted that he was not acting right. Third, if you look at the entire record, it appears that the spanking techniques are used when other techniques are not working.

This case appears to be the result of a neighbor who thinks he’s a bad ass butting into a situation that he does not understand. I wouldn’t expect a case like this to end in any kind of guilty verdict. If people don’t like this kind of punishment, then they need to talk to the state legislature and get the law changed. Going after this man isn’t going to accomplish anything.

And the CNN reporter’s use of the word “nightmare” is an embarrassment. As usual, the so-called mainstream media simply cannot be relied on to give even-handed reporting.

MSNBC The Today Show Video: Update On Auburn Shootings; 3 Dead, 3 Wounded; Shooter Is Desmonte Leonard

Yesterday, there was a shooting at the University Heights apartment complex, which is near Auburn University. Three victims are dead, and three more are wounded. Two of the dead are former Auburn University football players. One of the wounded victims is in critical condition.

There is now a manhunt for the suspect in these Auburn shootings, whose name is Desmonti Leonard. He is 22 years old and from Montgomery, Alabama. Leonard has been charged with three counts of capital murder. The FBI is now part of this investigation.

Witnesses say there was some disagreement over a girl. Then, Leonard suddenly started shooting out of the blue.

This MSNBC video is originally from the Today Show.

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CNN News Video – Multiple Victims (Including Football Players) At Shooting Off Campus of Auburn University

The following CNN news video provides details about a shooting at an off-campus apartment complex near Auburn University.

The incident occurred at the University Heights complex, which is off of Longleaf Drive.

Three of the shooting victims are said to be Auburn football players. No names were released on this video. The police are remaining tight-lipped at this point, even about whether anyone has been arrested for the shootings.

Rumblings on Twitter said there was a fight at a pool party that resulted in this shooting. This appears to be partially confirmed by the fact that police tape surrounded a portion of the pool area.