CNN News Video – Pilot “Startle Effect” Training In Response to Human Error That Caused 2009 Air France Plane Crash

The following CNN crash and safety news video discusses some of the errors that human pilots are prone to making when flying a commercial airplane. Lately, information has come out about the causes of the infamous 2009 Air France accident. The industry has tried to adapt and improve safety by creating addition training in response to what was learned from that incident. This video was posted to the CNN website on July 5, 2012. Brian Todd did the reporting for this story.

This story is mainly talking about the “startle effect,” which is essentially the phenomenon of losing concentration and the ability to manage a crisis when something serious happens suddenly and must be fixed without delay.

Mark Weiss is a former commercial pilot who appears on this video. According to him, such training has existed for a long time on some level.

According to Weiss, pilots need to have certain information and steps memorized in anticipation of a startling event such as the stall that occurred in the Air France case. One of the major problems that allegedly occurred on this flight was that the pilots didn’t know they were in a stall even though the control panel warned them of that occurrence.

FOX News Video: Two Dead in Car Accident At Miami, Florida’s Jumbo’s Restaurant

The following FOX News video is about an accident at Jumbo’s Restaurant, which is in Miami, Florida. The video was uploaded to their website on July 1, 2012.

Two people died in this accident. Suddenly, a white truck came barreling toward Jumbo’s, and it hit another pickup truck. It was not clear from the eyewitnesses why the driver of this white truck caused this seemingly nonsensical accident. While the driver, who was in police custody, may have been drunk, there is some reason to believe it may have been due to a seizure or some other medical problem.

The truck was coming to the north on Northwest 75th Street. It had run a red light before crashing.

The two accident victims were outside on the sidewalk when they were hit and killed.

The Weather Channel Video: Heavy Rains in China Cause Truck To Slide And Fall on Its Side (June 29, 2012)

The following video comes from The Weather Channel. The original video was provided by APTN-TV. The video was added to The Weather Channel website on June 29, 2012.

Before this video was taken, China had already been hit with heavy rainfall. This rain caused the roads to become very slippery.

You can see a truck try to negotiate a turn and slide and turn over on its side in this weather video. The caption from The Weather Channel blames the slippery roads and rain. However, looking at this for myself, it looks like the driver of the truck is moving way too fast to try to make that turn. Unless the video makes the truck appear to be going much faster than it actually was, then the driver was possibly seriously at fault for this accident. No matter how slippery or icy a road is, it’s not easy to make a truck of this size turn over on its side.

Yes, you are supposed to slow down when it rains or snows. But at the rate this joker seemed to be going, it’s almost like he didn’t even care.

CNN News Video – Nigerians Worried About Airline Safety (Dana Air and Other Nigerian Crash History)

Nigeria has suffered another airplane accident recently. A Dana Air domestic flight went down, killing all aboard and at least 10 people on the ground. This has gotten the country talking about the state of airline safety. The following CNN news video discusses this issue. It was uploaded to the CNN website on June 16, 2012. Vladimir Duthiers is the reporter on this story.

Fati Sobande, who lost her cousin Adiza, appears on the video. Dorothy Limunga, Adiza’s mother, is also interviewed.

According to the video, there have been 7 major airline crashes in Nigeria in the last 20 years.

Jacky Hathiramani, the CEO of Dana Air, says the Nigerian authorities are vigilant about safety.

This video seems to be more of a human-interest story than a real expose of airline safety in Nigeria. There have been 7 major crashes in 20 years out of thousands and thousands of flights. Such a result could have as much to do with randomness as anything else. The video provides no evidence of a lackluster safety environment in Nigeria. It may or may not exist. I’m saying this video appeals to emotions instead of hard facts. I would not consider this investigative reporting. It’s more like a segment on Oprah than a hard-hitting investigative report.

CNN News Video – Los Angeles High-Speed Chase on June 15, 2012

The following CNN news and crime video shows a high-speed chase in Los Angeles. It occurred on June 15, 2012. Footage was provided by KTLA, and the video was added to CNN’s website on June 16, 2012.

As the car is speeding down the freeway, it yields in Burbank. After a minute or two, the car then took off again before the driver was apprehended.

When the vehicle finally ran into heavy traffic, he hit the wall divider and bumped the car in front of him. The left tire was severely damaged, which resulted in his running into two more vehicles. The car finally stopped, and he was arrested.

The video did not provide the name of the suspect.

CNN News Video – Nancy Decker Saved From Car Crash By Guardian Angel Mitchell Corbin

The following CNN news video originally came from KTRK. It was uploaded to CNN on June 15, 2012.

Nancy Decker is a crash victim. Luckily, her only serious injury was a broken heel. Her car flipped and caught fire. Decker thinks she should not be alive.

As emergency personnel were arriving, passersby stopped to help. One man (the Guardian Angel) broke a door window with a fire extinguisher and helped raise Decker out of the vehicle.

The Guardian Angel was Staff Sergeant Mitchell Corbin, who is with the Texas Air National Guard. Corbin is with the 147th Reconnaissance Wing, which is in Ellington. He said his military training took over.

The car went up in flames just moments after Nancy Decker was pulled from her vehicle.