Los Angeles And Irwindale, California Crash News: Man And Woman Injured But Miraculously Survive After Flying 150 Feet Into Rock Quarry

This article is about a car crash that occurred in Irwindale, California, which is in Los Angeles County.

A man and woman miraculously survived this wreck after falling about 150 feet into an unoccupied rock quarry. The initial cause of the accident is not clear. However, what is known is that the vehicle, an Infiniti sedan, was coming up to a T intersection. Instead of stopping, the vehicle went straight through the guardrail and down into the rock quarry.

The two are said to be in the hospital with serious injuries.

Local police continue to investigate. There are no charges at this time. But depending on the results of the investigation, the driver could be cited for reckless driving or worse.


KMPH And Associated Press: 2 survive 150-feet plunge into Calif rock quarry