Yuba County and Englebright Lake, California Crash And Crime News Video: Mother And Daughter, Cynthia And Sophi Peterlin, Killed; Jeffrey Sandow Arrested For Causing Boat Accident

According to a News10.net report, a mother and daughter were killed on Yuba County, California’s Englebright Lake in a boating accident. Cynthia and Sophi Peterlin were killed when a boat being driven by Cynthia’s husband was allegedly struck by a boat being driven by Jeffrey Sandow. This deadly boat crash occurred on Saturday, September 15, 2012.


While no specific details were provided about the crash, the report does state that Jeffrey Sandow, who lives in Auburn, California, was arrested for two counts of manslaughter in this accident. The police say he was intoxicated.


Mom Cynthia Peterlin was 42 years old. Daughter Sophi Peterlin was 12. They lived in Penn Valley, California.

Cynthia’s husband and Sophi’s father, Paul, sustained injuries serious enough to be sent to the hospital. His exact condition was not stated in the report.

One unnamed passenger in Sandow’s boat was injured. The status of that victim was also not stated in the News10.net report.


There is still the issue of whether or not Sandow caused the accident. Without knowing more details, we can’t just instantly conclude that he is responsible even if he was intoxicated. However, it is obviously more likely than not that the intoxicated person in a crash is the one responsible. The report did not state the blood-alcohol level of Sandow. Presumably, he was tested. But even if he was not drunk, it is still possible that he could be guilty of manslaughter. But it would require reckless operation of his boat. Intoxication just makes it a lot easier to get a conviction.

ABC News Crime Video: Newark, California: Teen Patricia Martin Shot And Killed Along With Unidentified Man; Murder-Suicide?

The following ABC News crime video is about the death of Patricia Martin, a teenager who had previously been treated as a runaway. The video was added to the ABC website on September 17, 2012.

Martin had run away about a week ago. Or at least she was reported as having run away. Her mom said she took off with 24-year-old boyfriend James Shanelec. Now, Martin and a man who is currently unidentified were found shot and killed in a motel room in Newark, Alameda County, California.

At the time of this ABC video, most key questions in this Patricia Martin death are left unanswered:

1. In light of the fact that she is now dead, did she really run away? Or was she kidnapped by this man?

2. Of course, police need to also identify the man who was found dead in the same room as Martin.

3. Is this a murder-suicide, a double suicide, or something else? It seems unlikely to be a double murder, though. But you can’t rule out anything just yet. Ballistics and related forensic evidence should start to provide some answers to these questions.

Newport Beach, California Accident News: Bicycle Rider Sarah Leaf (Corona del Mar) Killed When Struck By Truck On East Coast Highway

StarFL.com has reported a September 14, 2012 traffic fatality in Newport Beach, California. The accident occurred on the East Coast Highway. Bicyclist Sarah Leaf was killed when struck by a truck. No other injuries were reported in this incident.

Sarah is from Corona del Mar, and she was 29 years old. She was riding her bike near the corner of the East Coast Highway and Bayside Drive when the accident occurred.


Police are still investigating the cause of this tragic traffic accident. It is known that the truck and bicyclist Leaf were traveling in the same direction. Did the driver go too far to the right and hit her? Did she accidentally pull into traffic and get struck by the truck? The only thing we know now is that the police are talking to witnesses.

The male driver of the truck stayed at the scene while police and paremedics arrived. However, his name was not identified in the report.



ABC News Crime Video: Burglars Drive Into Temecula, California Apple Store; Arrested When Trying To Get Away

The following ABC News crime video is about a group of burglars who drove right through the windows of an Apple store in Temecula, California. The video was added to the ABC website on September 14, 2012. It appeared on Good Morning America.

You can see the SUV smashing into this computer store in the video below. The SUV knocked down a good portion of the displays, as well.

What the criminals didn’t count on was the fact that a security gate was triggered as soon as they busted through the window. That slowed down their escape. But more importantly, a license plate somehow fell off the vehicle. And to make matters even worse for the criminals, one of the geniuses in the group returned to get the license plate. That’s when the police caught them. Good thing these Temecula criminals just weren’t that smart.

CNN Crime News Video – Los Angeles And Santa Clarita, California: Armed Robbers In High-Speed Chase Throw Cash Out Window

The following CNN crime news video is about some armed robbers on a high-speed chase in Southern California. The video was added to the CNN website on September 12, 2012. The original source of the chase video is KTLA.

This story starts in Santa Clarita. There were allegedly five bank robbers who held up a Bank of America branch there.

The police then caught up with the robbers. Three had gotten away, but two were still in the getaway SUV. As the cops were giving chase, one of the robbers threw some of the cash out the window, apparently thinking that they were somehow getting rid of the evidence.

Note to Robbers: Um, you are taking police on a high-speed chase. You don’t think a jury can put two and two together and figure out you were the ones who robbed the bank? LOL.

Borrego Valley Airport and Borrego Springs, California (San Diego County) Crash News: Pilot Killed In Accident of Home-Made Airplane

The following San Diego Country airplane crash was reported by the Southwest Riverside News Network. The accident occurred on Sunday, September 9, 2012. It happened near Borrego Valley Airport, which is in Borrego Springs, California.


The name of the pilot is unknown at this time. He reportedly attempted to eject and parachute to the ground, but the device malfunctioned.


This was reported to be a home-made airplane that was designed to do aerobatics. The only thing that the report says about the cause of the crash is that the plane was doing aerobatic maneuvers when something went wrong.

As per usual with U.S. aircraft crashes, the National Transportation Safety Board (part of the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA) will be investigating the cause of the accident.


Southwest Riverside News Network (SWRNN.com) Report On This Plane Crash Near Borrego Valley Airport

ABC Crime News Video: South San Francisco – Father Chris Maffei Kidnaps Children And Steals Yacht; Coast Guard Capture And Rescue In Monterey Bay, California

The following ABC News crime video is about a father who kidnapped his children and tried to get away with them by stealing a yacht. The video was uploaded to the ABC website on September 8, 2012.

Chris Maffei didn’t get that far. The Coast Guard found the yacht and took him into custody and rescued the children, who were on the boat. The capture and rescue took place in Monterey Bay, California.

The kids involved are Brooklynn and Davin Maffei. Presumably, the father violated a court order when taking the children, as it is obviously not normally illegal to take your children somewhere even if you don’t ask the other parent. Once a visitation or other court order is in place, though, you have to follow it.

The actual place where Chris Maffei is charged with kidnapping is South San Francisco, California.