CNN Weather News Video: Climatologist Richard Alley Interviewed About President Obama’s Climate Change Plan

The CNN weather news video contains an interview with climatologist Richard Alley. He is interviewed and gives some analysis and commentary on Obama’s new climate-change plans. This video was added to the CNN website on June 25, 2013. It aired on the Amanpour TV show.

This is a summary of some of Alley’s main points. The segment is about 8 minutes long.

Richard Alley says the energy system is huge. It amounts for 10 percent of the economy and is more than $1 trillion per year in the United States alone. He says economists say that you don’t change something like that fast. You take small steps.

My Comment: Right from the start, this seems an odd thing for a scientist to say. The comments above are a political statement, not a scientific statement. So I am already skeptical of this guy’s motives. Why is a natural scientist couching his comments in political instead of scientific terms?

Nonetheless, Alley says Obama’s initiatives, such as reducing carbon from existing factories, is a good starting point. But then he says you have to do it with a “gentle hand.” My gosh, who is this guy? He is talking like a politician again, not a scientist.

And this is one of the guys on a team that won a Nobel Peace Prize? Well, Obama won it, too, for doing absolutely nothing. So we know the standards that organization has fallen to.

CNN Video With Interview Of Climatologist Richard Alley, About President Obama’s New Initiatives For Climate Change