CNN News Video: Tilda Swinton Sleeps In a Glass Box For An Art Exhibit At New York’s Museum Of Modern Art

The following CNN art news video is about an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City. The exhibit has actress Tilda Swinton sleeping in a glass box. This video was added to the CNN website on March 25, 2013.

Tilda just sleeps for 7 hours a day in this glass box. I guess it’s comfortable enough. Swinton has a mattress, some sheets, and a pillow. A nightgown would have been a nice touch. But Tilda is seen in this video sleeping in a button-down shirt and a pair of jeans.

In addition, Swinton does not talk or do any other kind of acting. She just lies there and sleeps.

So this is art? All it does is prove that artists who are successful are the ones who get lucky. This exhibit wouldn’t win your average 5th grade art contest. The judges would say it is too simple and isn’t really art.

CNN Art News Video: London, England: Victoria and Albert Museum’s “David Bowie Is” Collection

The following CNN art news video is about an exhibit at London, England’s Victoria And Albert Museum. It is about the career of singer David Bowie. The collection is called “David Bowie Is.” This video was added to the CNN website on March 21, 2013.

Victoria Broackes is Victoria And Albert’s curator of theatre and performance. The exhibit includes things such as photographs, costumes, music videos, and stage and set models.

The name “David Bowie Is” signifies that he is a great entertainer. But it also ponders the question of exactly who Bowie is.

Geoffrey Marsh is V&A’s director of theatre and performance. He says the museum was essentially given access to Davie Bowie’s personal archive of memorabilia. He thinks Bowie is one of the 10 most recognizable people on the planet. That seems way off the mark, but maybe he is just trying to hype this seemingly boring collection of David Bowie items.

David Bowie’s latest album sold almost 100,000 copies in its first week in the UK. According to HitsDailyDouble, Bowie’s “Next Day” did it again in his US debut, with over 80,000 units sold (#2 behind Bon Jovi).

CNN Travel News Video: Feature On Seale, Alabama’s Museum Of Wonder

The following CNN travel news video is about a place in Seale, Alabama. It is called the “Museum Of Wonder.” This video was added to the CNN website on March 15, 2013.

Seale is about 80 miles east of Montgomery. It proudly calls itself the home of East Alabama’s oldest public building.

You go down a gravel road to get to the Museum Of Wonder. Butch Anthony is the owner of the museum. It is pretty small, so he is also the curator and does some artistic work there, as well.

Looking at this Seale, Alabama museum, it’s hard to tell exactly what the theme is. It has a lot of random displays of various different things. Butch Anthony says that some people even come and just leave stuff on his doorstep. But if there is a theme, it is apparently “wackiness.”

The story of how the Museum of Wonder started (about 20 years ago) is about as wacky as the exhibits. A guy was plowing on the Anthony place and hit a turnip, apparently creating some weird face-like shape on the turnip. Anthony sold it as an antique for $50. He then figured he could sell other weird stuff and eventually decided to start the museum. Many of the displays are just things that Anthony made. So it is part art museum and part history museum and whatever else you can fit in the kitchen sink.

MSNBC And NBC Nightly News Dutch Crime Video: Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Multi-Million-Dollar Art Theft At Kunsthal Museum

The following MSNBC crime news video originally aired on the NBC Nightly News. It was on the October 16, 2012 episode.

A huge art theft has occurred at Holland’s Kunsthal Museum, which is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Although the exact amount is not certain, the stolen paintings are said to be valued at several million dollars.

The stolen art includes, among others, the paintings of Gauguin, Picasso, and Matisse.

You can visit the official Kunsthal home page for more information about the museum’s extensive art collection.

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