America’s Got Talent 7 Audition and Predictions For Lil Starr (Liliana Rosa) : June 18, 2012

Lil Starr (Liliana Rosa) auditioned for America’s Got Talent 7 on the episode of June 18,2012. This is the last episode in the city auditions, and the contest moves to Las Vegas next week. Liliana is 6 years old, and she did a tap-dancing act.

The judges were impressed, but Howard said NO because he doubted it was a million-dollar act. Sharon quickly said YES. Howie asked Lil Starr if she could do other types of dance. She said she could do jazz, Hip Hop, and some other genres. Howie said YES, so Lil Starr is headed for the Las Vegas audition round.


I was quite impressed with Lilian Rosa if you consider her age. She was like a little Jennifer Lopez with a fair degree or technical ability. However, even an adult solo tap dancer has virtually no chance of winning America’s Got Talent. And Lil Starr is a step below high-quality adult tap dancers.

This little girl is great, but she’ll have a tough time getting through the Vegas rounds and to the Top 48. If she does, then she has no real chance of winning AGT 7. This is not an insult. Even the best tap dancer in the world would probably have no hope of winning this show. No dancer has ever won, and tap dancing is hard when it comes to creating exciting choreography.

America’s Got Talent 7 Audition and Predictions For Smooch Piggy : June 18, 2012

The 7th season of America’s Got Talent wraps up its city auditions on the June 18, 2012 episode. AGT then goes on to Las Vegas to determine the top 48 acts that will be competing in the live shows for America’s votes.

Smooch Piggy auditioned on this last episode with a silly animal act. The pig basically didn’t do any good tricks. He knocked down some plastic bowling pins. He blew a bicycle horn by biting on the bulb. The horn trick was fairly impressive, but the timing of the act was slow and plodding.

Howard buzzed Smooch Piggy and said NO. Sharon said YES for some unknown reason. Howie said NO, so Smooch Piggy did not advance to the Las Vegas audition round.

Since this pig is done for the season, there are no further predictions to give. However, it is not hard to predict that this will never be a million-dollar act. I’m not sure pigs can be trained to do impressive tricks. They just move so slow compared to a dog. So it seems like an uphill battle.

America’s Got Talent 7 Audition and Predictions For Joe Castillo

America’s Got Talent 7 held auditions in Austin, Texas, and that episode aired on Monday, June 4, 2012. Joe Castillo is a performance artist. He is somewhat similar to this season’s David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s. However, instead of using paint to draw a picture on an easel, he uses light and sand in something that looks almost like that old Etch A Sketch toy.

“God Bless The USA” plays while he shapes the sand into a picture. He “draws” the Statue of Liberty. The audition was pretty rushed, but he got three YESES from the judges.


Joe is very talented at what he does. He quickly drew the Statue of Liberty using that sand device. The problem comes down to the fact that it’s a small-scale art art, not a dance or other act. I mean, drawing and painting is definitely a talent, but these speed painters and sketch artists are not exactly producing masterpieces here. Something like last year’s The Silhouettes did this by dancing instead of drawing. In that way, The Silhouettes come across as putting on a show in addition to displaying dancing talent.

It is pretty doubtful that Joe Castillo will get past the Las Vegas audition round. He will probably get paired up against David Garibaldi, and I would rank the latter as having the more comprehensive “show” than the simple act of drawing with sand done by Joe Castillo. The bare talent level is close, and Joe might even be more talented than David. But you also have to entertain the audience. And David’s act is doing a better job of that at this point.

If Castillo does get through to the voting rounds, my prediction is he will be cut immediately. The voters will recognize the talent, but the overall act does not compel someone to vote.

America’s Got Talent 7 (2012) Audition and Predictions For Elements Dance Crew

Elements Dance Crew is an all-girls clogging group that auditioned in Los Angeles for the 7th season of America’s Got Talent. A clogging group could potentially make the finals, as the Fab Five sister clogging group made it to the Top 10 in a previous season.

On the other hand, this is exactly the type of act that is always overrated on AGT and has virtually no chance of winning. And if it were going to be a clogging group to win, it needs to be better than what Elements Dance Crew showed us in their original L.A. audition.

The group leader said they were a unique group, but I didn’t see any uniqueness there when they did their performance. I don’t know what their idea of being unique is, but it’s not what they did.

And the one girl who did some solo tricks barely executed a flip without almost falling. This group made it to the Las Vegas rounds. Sharon, Howie, and Howard exaggerated the talent in their performance. They have some chance of making it to the live rounds because America’s Got Talent loves to pick some all-girl dancing group every year for variety purposes.

I don’t have a prediction whether Elements Dance Crew will make it to the live voting rounds because it’s basically a random producer or judges’ pick at this point. But if they do make it, they have no chance of winning America’s Got Talent 7.