ABC News Video: RV Drives Into Swimming Pool In Brockton, Massachusetts

The following ABC News video is about an unusual RV accident and crash. It was uploaded to the ABC website on August 1, 2012.

A man was in his RV (motor home), and something happened to make him drive through a fence and into his own neighbor’s swimming pool. A good part of the RV is under the water, but the driver’s side is not submerged.

The thing that got me laughing about this is the reason ABC gave for this accident was that the gas pedal got stuck. Conversely, MyFOXBoston said the driver was about 60 years old and had some kind of medical problem. Funny how different media outlets that are supposed to be mainstream are reporting an entirely different reason. And you think you can just trust the media to report the facts? Fail. All their millions of dollars spent on reporting the news is certainly not producing accurate facts, is it?

Play the video below to see the RV in the Brockton, Massauchusetts swimming pool. You can’t see the crash as it happens, but you can see it through an aerial view after the fact.

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ABC News Video: American Eagle Airplane Gets Smoke In Cabin, Makes Emergency Landing in Peoria, Illinois

The following ABC News video is about an incident with a commercial airplane. It was uploaded to the ABC website on July 20, 2012.

An American Eagle flight headed for Chicago had to make an emergency landing in Peoria, Illinois. Smoke had entered the cabin area.

On this video, you can see how the passengers got off the plane. They exited through an emergency door near the wing of the airplane.

The incident started with bad weather that reportedly bounced the airplane around in the air. Shortly after, the smell of smoke entered the air, and it started to enter the cabin.

According to American Airlines, smoke had entered the plane as a result of house fire on the ground in Peoria and not as a result of a fire on board.

Peoria is about 100 miles from Chicago, Illinois. The plane took off from Colorado.

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CNN News Video – Zanzibar, Tanzania : Ferry Sinks; 37 Dead, Over 100 Missing

The following CNN video is talking about a ferry accident in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The video was uploaded to their website on July 19, 2012.

A ferry with about 300 people was traveling off the coast of Zanzibar. For some unknown reason, it took on water and sank. You can see from the video that most of the ferry is under the water.

In all, 37 people are confirmed dead, and over 100 are still missing at the time of this video.

About 150 people were rescued, but authorities are saying that there is little hope for those who have not already been found. The waters and weather are also making it difficult to make rescues.