Stokes County, North Carolina Crash News Video: Teen Austin Brewster Killed In One-Car Accident; Teenage Driver Jon Ingram Arrested For Alleged Drunk Driving

A single-car crash has killed a Stokes County teenager. The accident was on Wednesday night, September 11, 2013, at about 15 minutes before midnight.

17-year-old Austin Brewster was killed. This victim lived in Stokes County and recently graduated from West Stokes High School.

The driver was 19-year-old Jon Ingram, who has been charged with the crimes of DWI, provisional DWI and reckless driving.

Walter Buck was another teen passenger. He is only charged with underage drinking.

Ingram lost control of his pickup for some unknown reason. It overturned more than once.

Toxicology tests were not yet available. But for whatever reason, police thought there was enough evidence already to arrest Ingram. We will see whether test results confirm their suspicions.

Sources: Video On Car Crash And Death Of Teen Austin Brewster And Arrest Of Jon Ingram, In Stokes County, North Carolina

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