Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Schedule And Venue

Ice hockey originated from Canada and is considered an institution in that country. The game has spread and has many professional leagues around the world. The pros are also allowed to play for their home countries in the Olympics.

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games will have an ice hockey tournament to award a gold medal to the top county. There will also be a bronze medal game for the teams who lose in the semifinals of the tournament.

The venues for the Sochi 2014 ice hockey event are the Bolshoy Ice Dome and the Shayba Arena.

At this early stage, the schedule for the Sochi ice hockey tournament sees group-round games starting on February 8, 2012. The games continue every day until February 19, 2012. This stage of the tournament has games at both the Bolshoy Ice Dome and Shayba Arena.

February 20 is a break day. Then, the ice hockey concludes from February 21 to 23, 2012. The final games are all at Bolshoy Ice Dome.

Because I am writing this article in 2012, there are no further specific details on the Sochi 2014 ice hockey schedule. I will update this article when the group pairings and other information are published by the official website.

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