Sioux Falls, South Dakota Crash News: 4 Family Members Killed In 1-Car Accident – James Arthur Vollmer, Alyssa Vollmer, Caleb Vollmer, And Julie Louise Vollmer

4 members of the same family have been killed in a 1-vehicle accident near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The family also lived in Sioux Falls.


Interstate 90, near Mile Marker 394


Saturday, February 23, 2013 (exact time was not available)


1. James Arthur Vollmer was 52 years old.

2. Alyssa Vollmer was 16.

3. Caleb Vollmer was 13.

4. Julie Louise Vollmer was 48 years old.

All victims died at the scene of the accident except Julie Louise Vollmer. She died at the hospital.


The exact cause is still under investigation. But what is known is that driver James Arthur Vollmer somehow lost control of the vehicle. It then hit a guardrail and embankment and rolled over in the process.

Sources: Report On Interstate 90 Car Accident (Near Sioux Falls, SD) Resulting In Deaths of 4 Vollmer Family Members

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