Sharon, Pennsylvania Crime News: Jontae Maurice Barnes Arrested For Allegedly Shooting And Killing Teen Victim Leangelo Ford

CBS Pittsburgh reports that Jontae Maurice Barnes has been arrested for the alleged shooting death of Leangelo Ford. This crime took place at a party in Sharon, Pennsylvania. The shooting appears to have been a little before midnight, on Saturday, January 19, 2013.

Crime Scene:

The shooting took place at a house in the 100-block of Strawbridge Avenue.


Leangelo Ford was 17 years old. He died at the hospital.


Jontae Maurice Barnes is 19 years old. He lives on Liberty Street, in Sharon.


The evidence against Barnes was not discussed. But it was said that something like 20 people were at the house, so many of them are likely eyewitnesses to the shooting.


Well, this situation is far too common. A fight breaks out over something stupid, and a fool with no respect for other people uses a gun to win the fight.


CBS Pittsburgh Article On Shooting Death Of Leangelo Ford And Arrest Of Jontae Maurice Barnes

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