San Diego, California And City Heights Crime News: Frank Dwayne Shaw Arrested For Murder In Death Of Maureen Skeffington

Maureen Skeffington was killed in her City Heights apartment in August 2012. City Heights is a community within the city of San Diego, California. The apartment is on Cherokee Avenue and close to Wightman Street.

Fast forwarding to Thursday, December 20, 2012, reports that Frank Dwayne Shaw has been arrested for Skeffington’s murder.

According to the report, Shaw was an acquaintance and was always considered a person of interest in the case. Previously, though, there was not enough evidence to prove that he killed Maureen.


The report doesn’t give specifics. It sounds like the police have some sort of physical evidence that links suspect Frank Dwayne Shaw to the homicide. Whether it is DNA or whatever, we don’t know at this time.


Police say that they are not aware of a motive. However, the prosecution does not have to prove a motive in most crimes. Motive is only a necessary element for crimes such as insurance fraud or hate crimes, where the motive is an integral part of the crime, itself.

Sources: Report On Murder Arrest Of Frank Dwayne Shaw For Allegedly Killing Maureen Skeffington

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