Route 23 And Forest Hill, Maryland Crash News: Deborah Ann Wimbrough Killed In 3-Vehicle Accident; Charles Chew, Ralph Davis III, And Mary Niles Injured

This crash occurred in the area of Forest Hill, Maryland. One victim was killed in the 3-vehicle accident, 3 victims were injured, and some horses were also treated.


Intersection Of Route 23 and Grafton Shop Road


Thursday, February 21, 2013, at about 3:30 in the afternoon


1. Deborah Ann Wimbrough was 58 years old. She lived in Churchville, Maryland. Wimbrough was the only fatality, at least at the time of the Sun report. She was a passenger in the SUV.

2. Charles Chew is 46 and lives in York, PA. He was seriously injured but is expected to survive. Chew was the driver of the delivery truck.

3. Ralph Davis III (personal info not provided) was also seriously injured but expected to survive. He was Chew’s passenger.

4. Mary Niles, driver of the SUV, was seriously injured but said to be in stable condition. She is 51 and from Street, Pennsylvania. Niles was pulling the horse trailer.


Bradley Baker, who is 23 and from Fallston, drove out onto Route 23 in front of Niles. He said it was because the sun blocked his view of Niles’s SUV. The collision caused Chew’s delivery truck to collide with Niles. Wimbrough likely died because the truck directly smacked into the passenger side where she was sitting.

It is not known at this time whether Baker or any of the other drivers will be charged with any crimes. But no one has been charged at this time.


Baltimore Sun Report on Route 23 Traffic Accident That Killed Deborah Ann Wimbrough

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