Prosser, Washington Crash News: Mother Ilda Islas And Daughter Alejandra Killed In Two-Car Accident; Francisco Islas And Jeremy Meyer Injured

The Yakima Herald has reported on a crash that caused the deaths of a mother and daughter near Prosser, Washington. This two-car accident occurred on State Route 22, in the vicinity of Richards Road. It happened on Saturday, October 20, 2012.


1. Mother Ilda Islas was 44 years old. She is the mom of other person who was killed. Although her last name is the same as the last name of one of the injury victims, the Yakima Herald article did not specifically say that the other youngster is her son. Ilda lived in Prosser.

2. Alejandra Islas was 14 years old. She was the daughter of Ilda.

3. Francisco Islas is 5 years old. He was riding in the car with Ilda and Alejandra. His exact injuries and medical status are not known, but he was sent to the hospital.

4. The driver of the other vehicle was Jeremy Meyer. He is 21 years old and lives in Mabton. Meyer was also sent to the hospital, but his exact injuries and medical status were not known at the time of publication.


Police say Meyer crossed over the center line and collided with the Islas vehicle. He is being blamed for the crash due to inattentiveness.

Criminal Charges:

Meyer has not yet been charged with any crimes. He could be charged with vehicular homicide in the deaths of Ilda and Alejandra Islas. However, that is far less than murder and may possibly involve only limited jail time. If he had been driving drunk, the charges could be much stiffer, with the guidelines in Washington now 78 to 102 months. But mere inattentiveness is probably not going to end with a vehicular homicide conviction.


Yakima Herald Report On Traffic Deaths Of Ilda And Alejandra Islas Near Prosser, Washington

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