Pensacola, Florida Crash News: Kevin Michael Roland Small Killed In Motorcycle Accident On Bob Sikes Bridge

A Pensacola, Florida man has been killed while riding his motorcycle. One of two drivers involved is suspected of leaving the scene of the accident.


Bob Sikes Bridge


Saturday, March 30, 2013, at around 11:30 p.m.


Kevin Michael Roland Small was 42 years old. He lived in Pace, Florida.


While not actually accused of causing the crash, Phillip Layne Gambrell allegedly left the scene. So he might be charged with a hit and run. That is not certain, however, as he had not yet been charged with any crimes at the time of the report. He may also have several defenses, such as lack of knowledge that his vehicle was even impacted in a crash. Gambrell is 63 years old and from Milton, Florida.


Police believe that Small crashed when he tried to go between Gambrell’s car and the vehicle of 16-year-old Zane Joseph Johnson. That teen, who is from Gulf Breeze, Florida, is NOT accused of a hit and run because he stopped and waited for authorities to arrive.

Sources: Report On Traffic Death Of Kevin Michael Roland Small In Pensacola, Florida Area

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