Paterson, New Jersey Crime News: Latasha Smith Stabbed And Killed; Murder Suspect Is Ex-Boyfriend Raheem Jones reports that Raheem Jones allegedly stabbed and killed ex-girlfriend Latasha Smith in her Paterson, New Jersey home. Jones had been released from a halfway house in Newark for only one day when the Smith was murdered. The crime was on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

Suspect Raheem Jones is currently on the loose.

Evidence And Motive:

The reason Jones was in the halfway house to begin with was over domestic violence charges, with Latasha Smith as the victim. So we seem to be dealing with a very violent person. There’s not much point in discussing a motive in cases like this. Assuming he’s guilty, it’s just time to put the facts in front of a jury and finally get this guy off the streets for life. He doesn’t belong in society. However, other than the highly suspicious timing of his being released only one day before the murder, the report does not delve into any other evidence that allegedly proves that Raheem Jones stabbed and killed Latasha Smith. That doesn’t mean police don’t have any evidence. But it was not discussed in the report.

Criminal History:

It’s understandable that Jones was in a halfway house in Newark for domestic violence charges instead of a long prison sentence. But the real issue here is his prior record. He spent time for supposedly accidentally killing someone. Who knows if that was actually intentional. And he has been in jail for aggravated assault. Once a person like Raheem Jones has already made it clear to society that he is a violent person, how many chances does he get in open society? This is the question that needs to be studied more. In any event, it seems that even 3 separate felony assaults should be enough to put someone away for life or close to it.

Sources: Report On Stabbing Death Of Latasha Smith, Allegedly By Ex-Boyfriend Raheem Jones

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