New Orleans, Louisiana Crime News: Khoi Quang Hoang And Charity Nguyen Arrested In Connection With Murder Of Lien Nguyen

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the April 23, 2013 murder of Lien Nguyen. Khoi Quang Hoang is facing charges of solicitation of murder. Charity Nguyen is charged with principal to second degree murder. They are essentially accused of enlisting a hit man to kill the victim. The suspect believed to be the actual shooter has not been found yet.

Where And When:

Lien Nguyen was shot in the 4200 block of McCoy Street. Although the shooting was on April 23, the article reporting the arrest of these two suspects was on June 21, 2013.


Lien Nguyen was reportedly romantically involved with Charity Nguyen. They were not married even though they have the same last name, which is a very common Vietnamese surname.


Khoi Quang Hoang is 35 years old. According to, he was previously booked for attempted first degree murder. But no specific details were provided. Charity Nguyen is also 35.


The motive is not clear, but police have said it might have been for financial reasons. A motive is helpful but does not have to be proven for a conviction in criminal court under general murder statutes.

Criminal Charges:

Read the first paragraph above to see the charges against Nguyen and Hoang.

Sources: Report On Arrest Of Khoi Quang Hoang And Charity Nguyen, In Connection With Homicide Of Lien Nguyen

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