NBC YouTube Video: The Voice 5 Top 12 Live Show: Cole Vosbury’s “Adorn” (November 11, 2013)

Episode Date: November 11, 2013

Contestant: Cole Vosbury

Team: Blake Shelton

Song Choice: Miguel’s “Adorn”

Quick Thoughts And Observations:

Blake wants Cole to show that he can put his stamp on anything. His older sister was killed in a car accident when she was 17. Blake’s brother was also killed in a car wreck.

Vosbury is doing an R&B song to show that he can connect in any genre. Blake says to forget the guitar. Cole is worried about some part and doing it falsetto. Blake says to just go for it. This was a great performance. It’s one of the best of the night. He definitely deserves to make next week’s top 10.

I will link to the video of Cole Vosbury’s performance of “Adorn” as soon as it is available from The Voice’s official YouTube channel.

The Voice 5 has finally reached its normal Live Shows format. From this point forward, the general plan is to eliminate two contestants each week. However, the producers typically change things up and have either a Top 3 or Top 4 finale instead of Top 2. It all depends on what gimmick they want to pull this season.

There is already a new gimmick, and it is called the “Instant Save.” On at least some of the results shows, the bottom 3 in public voting will be announced. Fans then vote on Twitter to save one of those bottom 3. Click here to learn how to participate in the Instant Save on Twitter.

Judges’ Comments On Cole’s Performance:

Blake says Cole gives more than expected. He brings a gun to a knife fight. Every performance blows him away, and Cole makes the songs his own. Cee Lo is excited for Cole. He picked Cole and is impressed that he is here. He said one of Blake’s black friends must have helped him pick that song.

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