NBC TV Tonight Show Video: Jay Leno Skit – Halloween Products (October 25, 2012)

The following NBC entertainment video is a segment of the October 25, 2012 episode of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. It is a skit called “Halloween Products.” Halloween is coming up on Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

The concept of this skit is to show funny made-up products for Halloween.

The first one is a painting of Bruce Jenner. The eyes move. Jay says that’s just like the real Bruce Jenner – nothing but his eyes move on his face.

The next idea is “Bobbing For Apple iPhones” (instead of apples). They still use the iPhone 4 in some of the poorer neighborhoods.

The next product is designed to stop greedy trick-or-treaters. If you take more than one piece of candy, infrared sensors pick up on it. And a machine with a cardboard cutout of Honey Boo Boo’s mom pops out and grabs you.

The next one is the Obama candy redistributor. If you have a 100 Grand candy bar or more, you insert it to have machine turn it into multiple bite-size pieces of the same candy.

The next one is a door that has a video screen with a recording of Mitt Romney. When the kid rings the doorbell, the video plays and says Romney is not the guy you are looking for if you want free stuff.

The next product is the Healthy Halloween Welcome Mat. It scans kids’ body fat. Jay tried it out. He was too fat, so he only got one small M&M (no peanut).

The next one is the Philip Rivers Treat Tosser (he is the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers). A girl comes out to trick or treat. Philip Rivers tosses the candy right over her, and some other kid grabs it and runs off.

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