NBC Today Show Video: Rossen Reports Special: Las Vegas, Nevada – Anthony Lopez and Portia Latawiec (Griffin Mansions) Accused Of Taking Money Then Closing Wedding Business Without Promised Ceremony And Services (February 5, 2013)

The following Today show video is a Rossen Reports special. It is about some couples who paid good money to get married at a ritzy mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company managing the weddings then suddenly closed their business with no advance warning and reportedly no refunds up to now. This story is from the February 5, 2013 episode of the Today show.

There are more than 50 victims of this wedding-business fiasco. And Jeff Rossen discovered that company personnel were using the wedding money to buy expensive items for themselves. This was not just a diligent business who ran out of money trying to offer a service and had nothing left to give back.

Griffin Mansions is the business that left the couples hanging. Some paid in the range of $20,000 for a full-scale wedding experience.

The people who own this business are Anthony Lopez and Portia Latawiec.

In fact, the business had been shut down by authorities in Nevada for health violations. At that point, the brides say that, knowing they could not give the weddings, they just took the money, anyway. A hidden camera also purports to show Griffin Mansions attempting to book the mansion for weddings a full month after the business was shut down.

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