NBC Today Show Video: Interview With Lindsay Mills, Girlfriend of NSA Leaker, Edward Snowden (June 12, 2013)

The following Today show video deals with both crime and politics. There are differences of opinion on NSA leaker Edward Snowden. Some say he bravely exposed government violations of the 4th Amendment. Others call him a traitor and criminal.

Snowden has (or maybe had) a girlfriend named Lindsay Mills, who is an acrobatic dancer. She has been interviewed, and you can hear about her thoughts on this NSA leaker case in the video below. This clip aired on the June 12, 2013 episode of Today.

On a blog, Mills had called Snowden her man of mystery. However, she has said that she had no idea that he was going to leak classified intelligence to the public. In her last post before closing the blog, Lindsay Mills says her world has closed, and that she feels lost at sea without a compass.

Carol Leonnig, who is with the Washington Post, says that both Snowden and Mills were teenagers in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Lindsay’s father has met Snowden. He said he thought he was nice, shy, and reserved.

Mills has said the Snowden told her he had to go away for a while but kept his words vague. It is now known that he was going to Hong Kong to publicize information about the secret NSA surveillance program.

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