NBC Today Show Health Video: Arthur Boorman’s Viral Video About Losing 140 Pounds With Yoga (January 9, 2013)

The following Today show video is about a viral video on YouTube that features Arthur Boorman. This former paratrooper had suffered injuries and started ballooning up in weight. He then discovered yoga and lost 140 pounds. The YouTube viral video has garnered more than 7 million viewers. This Today clip about Boorman is from the January 9, 2013 edition. Kerry Sanders is reporting from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This story is also part of a new segment called “New Year New You 2013.” It features people like Arthur and their weight-loss stories, tips, etc.

At one time, Boorman was about 340 pounds. He got into yoga when he came across a set of yoga DVD’s from former professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). Both are interviewed for this story.

Boorman lost the 140 pounds in only about 10 months. He once used braces or canes to walk. But he can now run.

Disclaimer: Boorman also did a good job of eliminating junk food from his diet. That was probably just as important as the yoga. You should consult your doctor before starting an exercise or diet routine.

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