NBC Today Show Animal Video: Rocky Ridge, Maryland: Metro Meteor The Painting Racehorse (Ron And Wendy Krajewski’s Horse)

The following NBC Today show animal video is about a horse named Metro Meteor. This story comes out of Rocky Ridge, Maryland. The video aired on the April 9, 2013 episode of the Today show. Jill Rappaport did the reporting.

Ron and Wendy Krajewski bought Metro Meteor after this talented animal had a successful run as a racehorse. Metro Meteor even won 8 races before being forced into retirement due to an injury sustained a few years ago.

Ron is an artist, himself. And he has discovered and nurtured a special talent with Metro Meteor. The horse is a rather good painter, at least by animal standards. It’s not that no animal has ever painted. For example, I previously reported on an elephant in Arizona that had sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in paintings to zoo visitors. But it frankly looked like abstract art, with no actual ability to draw something beyond holding a paintbrush and moving it.

Metro Meteor’s work appears to be about the same. He can hold the brush and move it around. But there is no painting of actual objects. However, like the elephant, this horse’s work is impressive enough to attract buyers. So more power to him and the Krajewskis. I ain’t hatin. I just ain’t that impressed.

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