NBC Los Angeles And Lancaster, California Accident And Crime News Video: Marvin Travon Hicks Arrested For Vehicular Manslaughter After Police Chase And Hitting And Killing 2-Year-Old Madison Ruano

The following NBC crime and accident news video comes from the Los Angeles affiliate. It is about the traffic death of 2-year-old Madison Ruano and the resulting criminal arrest of driver Marvin Travon Hicks. The latter is suspected of vehicular manslaughter. The accident happened on Thursday afternoon, December 6, 2012. It was at the intersection of Avenue I and 10th Street West, in Lancaster, California.

Madison Ruano is from Lancaster. Hicks is from Palmdale and is 43 years old.


Madison Ruano’s mother was driving one car. She was also injured in this crash. NBC quoted a neighbor as saying she is Tina Ruano. Hicks was driving another vehicle. While running away from the cops in a police chase (he had been seen running a red light), Hicks struck Ruano’s car.

Criminal Charges:

When someone simply loses concentration for seconds and causes an accident, they are not necessarily charged with a crime. But a police chase is a different story because it is intentionally creating a very dangerous situation. So when you kill someone like little Madison Ruano during the pursuit, then you are generally looking at vehicular manslaughter charges. This is because someone like Hicks actively and intentionally creates the dangerous situation. This is less than murder but still a very serious crime.

The latest news is that Marvin Travon Hicks has a history of crime related to driving, including drunk driving and hit and run.

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