NBC Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Crime Video For Cleburne, Texas: Brian Poole Shot and Killed; James Sample Arrested For Murder

The following NBC crime news video comes from the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) affiliate. It is about the apparent shooting murder of Brian Poole, an aspiring rapper who used the stage name GHo$TMaN. This crime took place in Cleburne, which is Johnson County. Poole’s body was found on Thursday, December 27, 2012.

Victim Details:

Brian Poole was 30 years old. He lived in Mesquite, Texas.


The details of exactly what happened aren’t very clear at the moment. We know that Poole was shot two times and wrapped in a blanket.

What is known is that a whole bunch of people were arrested. Here is a list of the suspects and charges against them.

1. James Sample is 31 and from Dallas, Texas. He is the only one who is actually charged with murder in the death of Brian Poole.

2. Howard “Blaine” Dudley is 54 and from Cleburne. He was arrested on suspicion of tampering with evidence.

3. Joseph Alvarez is 29 and from San Angelo, Texas. He was also arrested on suspicion of tampering with evidence.

4. Kimberly Dudley is 56 and from Cleburne. She is charged with drug possession and tampering with evidence.

It was not stated in the report whether the Dudleys and Alvarez are specifically accused of covering up the alleged murder. Even the police said they are still not sure how all these people even know each other. I am confused as to how the suspects were even found unless it was from a 911 call. The police declined to discuss that call in detail, saying they need to keep it private for the investigation.

Crime Notes:

This is Cleburne’s first homicide of 2012. Wouldn’t you know it was allegedly committed by someone who actually lives in Dallas.


NBCDFW Report And Video On Shooting Death Of Rapper Brian Poole In Cleburne, Texas

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.

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