NBC Crime News Video For Birmingham (Alabamas13.com): Gardendale, Alabama – Pastor Terry Greer (Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church) Allegedly Shoots And Kills Wife And Injures Daughter; Tried To Commit Suicide By Stabbing

The following NBC crime news video comes from Alabamas13.com, which is an NBC affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama. It is about murder charges against Pastor Terry Greer, who is the senior pastor at Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church (Gardendale, Alabama). Greer is also charged with the attempted murder of his daughter. He tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself multiple times. But Greer survived. This alleged crime took place on Thursday, January 10, 2013.


The crime scene was the Greer home in Gardendale. It is on Country Meadow Drive.


Terry Greer is 54 years old. Before coming to Gardendale in 2012 to preach at Mt. Vernon United Methodist, he was a pastor at Decatur’s First United Methodist Church.


1. Wife Lisa Eidson Greer was 52 years old.

2. Daughter Suzanna Greer suffered a non-fatal gunshot wound when, according to her, she was trying to disarm her father after she saw that he shot her mom.


Suzanna apparently gave great detail as to what happened. But she does not seem to know why Terry Greer shot her mom. There was a mention of serious head trauma that Greer suffered months ago. Police will probably be looking to see if his personality and demeanor radically changed since that time. That may or may not establish a legal defense. But it at least partially explain what happened.

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