Murrysville, Pennsylvania Crime News Video: Michael Lunsford, Jr. Is Suspect In Murder-Suicide; Gina Llewellyn Shot And Killed And 2nd Victim Injured

Police say a shooting in Murrysville, Pennsyvania, was a murder-suicide. One suspect killed himself after shooting and killing one female victim and wounding another.

WTAE has a video on this crime story. Click the link below to watch it.


Parking lot of the Cozy Inn Bar and Restaurant


Saturday, February 23, 2013, at about 7:30 in the evening


1. Gina Llewellyn was 50 years old.

2. The other female victim who was shot has not yet been identified.


Michael Lunsford, Jr. was 21 years old.


So far, it seems that there is no information on a motive in this case.


WTAE Article And Video On Shooting Death Of Gina Llewellyn Outside Cozy Inn Bar And Restaurant, By Murder-Suicide Suspect, Michael Lunsford, Jr.

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