MSNBC Today Show Video: Ladies’ Home Journal’s Tara Bench Makes Homemade Ice Cream

The following MSNBC video comes from the Today Show. In it, Tara Bench shows how to make homemade ice cream. Tara is the Food and Entertaining Director for Ladies’ Home Journal.

To say the least, this ice-cream segment is a complete mess. The ladies won’t shut up, and Kathie Lee acts like she’s never stepped foot in a kitchen. Hoda is just there and doesn’t really do anything.

It seems like the Today Show doesn’t know how to put together an informative segment. There were no words at all on the screen to help track what the ladies were doing. And all they showed was them using a mixer with pre-made vanilla ice cream and randomly throwing in stuff like coconut and fudge. I know these segments aren’t meant to be a full cooking class. But this whole thing looked like watching three people with bipolar disorder.

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