MSNBC And NBC Nightly News Weather Video: Hurricane Sandy Update For Nags Head, North Carolina (October 27-28, 2012)

The following MSNBC video comes from the NBC Nightly News. It is about Hurricane Sandy (Frankenstorm). This weather segment is from the October 27, 2012 episode. Lester Holt is the reporter, and The Weather Channel’s Julie Martin is on scene in Nags Head, North Carolina.

On October 27 (in the evening), Julie said Nags Head was getting rain from the outer rain bands of Hurricane Sandy. However, the actual storm is still well offshore.

On October 28, 2012, high winds and coastal flooding are possible in the Nags Head area. Power outages are another possibility.

Julie Martin said that most local residents have decided to ride out this tropical storm. They are kind of used to this sort of thing in Nags Head, NC.

Julie Martin says that the rainy and windy conditions there are just a taste of what the Northeast United States is going to be hit with in the coming days.

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