MSNBC And NBC Nightly News Weather Video: Denver, Colorado’s Valor Christian High School Students Helping Sandy Victims In New Jersey Through Samaritan’s Purse Organization

The following MSNBC weather news video comes from the NBC Nightly News. It is an update to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The video was added to their website on November 19, 2012. It is an edition of the show’s Making a Difference segment. Parts of this story were filmed in Toms River, New Jersey. That’s where the boys helped. The girl students in this clip helped out in Ocean Gate, NJ.

Denver, Colorado’s Valor Christian High School had a big football playoff game coming up. But several students from the school chose to sacrifice that for the chance to help out Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey. They traveled to Jersey as volunteers for the Samaritan’s Purse charity organization.

This volunteer work for Sandy recovery and cleanup operations has given the students an opportunity to help society and give themselves a sense of self-worth at the same time.

Katie Jones is a 17-year-old student that gives comments in this video. She thought it was important to help out because she lives in a perfect home where nothing bad happens.

Maya Goodyear is 15 years old. She says it’s hard for the people to see their housed gutted cause they have lived there for so long.

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