Monroe, Georgia Crash News Video: Monroe High School Teen, Jacob Little, Struck By 3 Cars And Killed When Getting Skateboard In Street; 2 Drivers Sought For Hit And Run

A teenager has been killed in a pedestrian accident that has been elevated to a criminal investigation. This incident occurred in Monroe, Georgia. 3 cars struck the victim. One stayed at the scene, and the other 2 drivers left without stopping. has a video on this tragedy. You can see it by clicking the link below.


1200 block of North Broad Street


Tuesday morning, August 27, 2013, as the victim was headed to school


Jacob Little was 16 years old (some sources have said 15). He was a student at Monroe High School.


At this point, no suspects have been personally identified. But police have some vague descriptions of the two cars that left the crash scene. One is believed to be a silver Honda Civic or Honda Accord. The other is believed to be a dark-colored Suburban or Chevy Tahoe.


Police believe that Little’s skateboard slipped out from underneath his feet and rolled into the street. He was hit by the cars when he went to retrieve the skateboard.

Criminal Charges:

The accident itself sounds like just that – an accident. But the problem for the two drivers is leaving the scene. If caught, they could be charged with hit and run even if they were not at fault in the initial accident.

Sources: Crash Video On Accident That Killed Monroe High School Student And Teenager, Jacob Little

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