Mega Millions $600+ Million Jackpot Alleged Winner Now Says She Misplaced Winning Lottery Ticket

The drama over the identity of the Maryland winner of the recent $640 million Mega Millions jackpot continues. First, Mirlande Wilson claimed that she was one of the 3 winners (the other two are from Kansas and Illinois). Then, her McDonald’s co-workers chimed in that she bought tickets as part of an office pool. But Wilson has never produced the winning ticket to back up her claim. She now claims she misplaced the ticket.

At this point, the media should probably just drop the story. Then again, it could get interesting if Mirlande is trying to run some kind of scam. If she is, this is one of the most poorly constructed scams in history. Maybe the lady just wants attention. At any rate, she can’t be trusted for a second (like she ever could be).

Another thing that could get interesting is if this Mirlande Wilson with the magical misplaced lottery ticket could actually be sued by her co-workers, anyway. The legal claim could not be for lottery winnings, but how about intentional infliction of emotional distress. That is highly unlikely. Not having won a portion of over $200 million that you thought you won due to a lie would almost never qualify as extreme emotional distress. And it is not likely that Mirlande Wilson intended to cause such distress. At most, Wilson is probably just an extreme attention getter, not an extreme emotional distress artist.

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