Marysville, Ohio Crash News: Ohio Northern University Law Student, Remus Brice Jr., Killed In 2-Vehicle Accident On State Route 31 reports that an Ohio Northern University law student was killed in the vicinity of Marysville, Ohio, which is in Union County. The traffic accident that claimed the life of Remus Brice Jr., occurred on Friday, January 25, 2013.


Brice was driving on State Route 31 when the crash occurred.


Remus Brice Jr. was 32 years old. He was a third-year law student at Ohio Northern.

Truck Driver:

Brice’s SUV was struck by a big-rig truck (semi). The name of that driver was not released. But he was said to have non-fatal injuries.


The report states that Brice lost control of his SUV. If you look at the picture below, it appears as if the SUV ended up sideways and on the wrong side of the road. However, specific details were not provided in the article. Additionally, it is not known why Remus Brice lost control of his vehicle. You can see a lot of snow on the ground in the picture.

Criminal Charges:

There was no discussion of whether the truck driver will be charged with any crimes. Given the circumstances, that seems unlikely.

Sources: Report On Traffic Death Of Ohio Northern Law Student, Remus Brice Jr., In Marysville, Ohio (Union County)

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