List of 3 Victims Killed When Airplane Crashed Into Home In Palm Coast, Florida: Michael R. Anders, Duane L. Shaw, And Charissee M. Peoples

This plane crash occurred on Friday, January 4, 2013. The airplane crashed into a house in Palm Coast, Florida. You can see a CNN video of the homeowner, Susan Crockett, by clicking here.

The home is located at 22 Utica Path.

It took a while to identify and release the names of the victims and related information in this case. Here are the 3 occupants of the airplane, all of whom were killed:

1. Michael R. Anders was 57 and lived in Albany, Kentucky.

2. Duane L. Shaw was 59 years old and lived in Albany, Kentucky.

3. Charissee M. Peoples was 42 and lived in Indianapolis, Indiana.


The plane reportedly had some kind of mechanical problem, causing it to shake and produce smoke. The aircraft crashed before it could reach the Flagler County Airport. The specific cause of the mechanical issue will be investigated by the FAA and NTSB.

Sources: Report On Victims of Plane Crash In Palm Coast, Florida

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