Kewanee, Illinois Crash News: Gary L. Vancil Killed, Fred Yelm And Kenneth Armstrong Injured In One-Vehicle Accident

KWQC has reported on a one-vehicle crash, resulting in a pickup rolling on its side and slamming into the garage of Greg and Janice Hutchinson’s house. That residence is in the 500 block of East Division Street. Gary L. Vancil was killed in this accident. Fred Yelm and Kenneth Armstrong were injured. The accident occurred on Sunday, October 14, 2012.

All the victims live in Kewanee, Illinois, which is also where the crash happened. Vancil was 37 years old. Yelm is also 37, and Armstrong is 38.


For some reason, the driver lost control of the vehicle, barreled through a stop sign, and drove through the Hutchinson yard before colliding with the garage.

The KWQC report did not specify who was driving the truck, and it is apparently not known at this time why the driver lost control or whether the driver was drunk.

Yelm and Armstrong were sent to the hospital, but their exact medical status was not known at the time of publication.


KWQC Report On Car Accident Resulting In Death Of Gary Vancil And Injuries To Fred Yelm And Kenneth Armstrong

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