Kearney, Missouri Accident News: Pedestrian Christopher M. Barnes Struck and Killed By Car On I-35 reports that pedestrian Christopher M. Barnes was struck and killed by a car in Kearney, Missouri. The accident occurred on Monday, December 31, 2012.


The scene of the crash that killed Barnes was on Interstate 35.


Christopher M. Barnes lived in Shawnee, Missouri. He was 35 years old. Barnes died at the hospital.


Barnes’s vehicle was stopped due to a crash that had already occurred on this icy day. He was outside his vehicle and walking towards a different car. At that time, a third vehicle lost control on the icy road and skidded towards Barnes and the other vehicle, hitting both.

The initial vehicle was driven by 23-year-old Jessica F. Hamell, who is from Des Moines, Iowa. The driver who struck Barnes was 19-year-old Max G. Francisco. He is 19 and lives in Kansas City. Neither of these drivers was injured in the crash.

Criminal Charges:

There was no discussion of whether any drivers involved would be charged with a crime over this accident.


Kansas City Star Report On Pedestrian Death Of Christopher M. Barnes On I-35 (Kearney, Missouri)

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