Johnston County, North Carolina Crash And Crime News: Passenger William Tippett Killed; Driver Bryan Gilmore Suspected Of Drunk Driving

The ABC affiliate in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, reports that one teenager was killed in Johnston County, NC. The teen who was driving the car that crashed is facing criminal charges.


2200 block of Josephine Road


Saturday morning, February 16, 2013


William Tippett was 18 years old.

Another victim was said to be in the hospital. Personal details on this person were not available.


Bryan Gilmore is 17 years old. He was the driver in this one-vehicle crash.

Criminal Charges:

The report says that Gilmore is facing charges for drunk driving and reckless driving. It is not known at this time whether he will be charged with manslaughter in Tippett’s death. But that seems quite possible since this was a one-vehicle accident that would not have been some other driver’s fault. However, the police must rule out weather and other factors.


The article states that Gilmore ran off the road, causing the vehicle to roll over. Tippett was thrown from the vehicle during this accident.


Raleigh-Durham ABC Affiliate: Report About Teen William Tippett Being Killed And Fellow Teenager, Bryan Gilmore, Accused Of Reckless And Drunk Driving

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