Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Video: “‘Knife Guys’ Will Ferrell And Ryan Gosling” (January 9, 2013)

The following video is from Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube account. This comedy skit is from the Wednesday, January 9, 2013 episode. It is called “‘Knife Guys’ Will Ferrell And Ryan Gosling.”

YouTube Statistics And Ratings:

I checked this YouTube clip about one hour after it was uploaded. The stats showed 301 views and an excellent user rating of 106 Likes and only 1 Dislike.

Kimmel says he is like a New Year’s resolution psychic. He can guess people’s resolutions just by looking at them. Cousin Sal is out on Hollywood Boulevard to talk to people on the street so Jimmy can guess their resolutions.

Jose is from Dallas, Texas. Jimmy asks him what his job is. Jose says he is unemployed. So Kimmel correctly guesses that his resolution is to get a job.

Suddenly, they cut away to Will Ferrell in the studio. He has some table there and a sign that says, “Knife Guys.” Will is pretending to be putting on a TV show. Jimmy greets him, and they exchange pleasantries.

Jimmy’s show just moved up yesterday to 11:35 p.m. Eastern. But Will says he uses the studio at this time on Wednesdays for his QVC knife show. They then start arguing about which one is going to film their show.

Will then does a funny QVC-like knife commercial. He is selling some huge sword. Ferrell then calls out Ryan Gosling, who has a tray with a lot more stuff to slice for the commercial.

They argue some more with Kimmel about the filming times and the sign-in sheet for that time slot.

Will then slices cookie dough, cotton candy, chocolate milk, tapioca pudding, cottage cheese, etc. He then cuts himself, saying it’s a cleaner slice than anything you would get from a store-bought knife.

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