Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Video For September 19, 2013: Skit For ” ‘Liking’ on Facebook Protected Under First Amendment”

The following video is from Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube account. This segment has a skit called ” ‘Liking’ on Facebook Protected Under First Amendment.” It aired on the Thursday, September 19, 2013 episode.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals held that Liking something on Facebook is a form of free speech. This started with a sheriff’s deputy got fired for liking the campaign of a guy who was running against the current sheriff.

Jimmy’s staff members asked people on Hollywood Boulevard if they agree that a Facebook Like is free speech. And these passersby were also asked to explain what the First Amendment is.

The first woman had no clue what the First Amendment is.

The next lady just laughed and said, “We shouldn’t have done this.”

The next guy said it’s for your rights. He didn’t know which ones.

One man thought it included the right to vote “probably.”

Ha. Another guy said he isn’t sure but knows it’s not freedom of speech.

YouTube Ratings And Statistics:

About 6 hours after this clip was uploaded to YouTube, it showed 4107 views and had a quite good user rating of 236 Likes and only 5 Dislikes.

Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Skit – “‘Liking’ on Facebook Protected Under First Amendment” (September 19, 2013)

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