Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Video For July 11, 2013 Skit – Kimmel Kartoon – “You’re Screwed”

The following video is from Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube account. This segment is a skit that contains a “Kimmel Kartoon” (misspelled on purpose). The cartoon is called “You’re Screwed.” This skit aired on the July 11, 2013 episode.

Jimmy talked about seeing Schoolhouse Rock when he was a kid. On that cartoon show, they had a segment which explained how the U.S. government passes a bill into a law.

The show created a cartoon to modernize the old Schoolhouse Rock government segment. Before that, Jimmy explained that this may be the most do-nothing Congress in history. They have passed only 16 laws, but two of them were originally a single law, meaning they have really only passed 15. And one of them was a law to put a baseball player on a commemorative coin.

The cartoon is then shown, where a dad sings a song to his kid. He sings about the kid being screwed because Congress is doing nothing on global warming, the economy, etc. The kid then joins in and starts singing, as well. Click the link below to listen to this funny song, which sadly appears to be true in some cases.

YouTube Ratings And Statistics:

About an hour after this video was uploaded, it showed 301+ views and had a good user rating of 122 Likes and 3 Dislikes.

Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Video For The Kimmel Cartoon, “You’re Screwed,” From July 11, 2013

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