Jimmy Fallon NBC Video: Comedy Skit – “Hashtags: #NewThanksgivingSongs” (November 21, 2012)

The following NBC entertainment video comes from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. On the November 21, 2012 episode, Jimmy aired a skit called “Hashtags: #NewThanksgivingSongs.”

The purpose of this regular segment is to give Twitter followers a topic to Tweet about. They then Tweet with the given hashtag so Jimmy’s staff can find it. Use of hashtags is common these days for promotional purposes because multiple people posting with the same hashtag can make that a trending topic on Twitter trends list. This edition focuses on funny new Thanksgiving songs. The idea is to take a song that already exists and change the title to give it a Thanksgiving theme.

1. spencer4011: “We’re Not Gonna Bake It” (Twisted Sister)

2. Julesfreak: “Baste On Through To The Ohter Thigh” (The Doors)

3. MattyR08: “Don’t Go Chasing Butterballs” (TLC)

Jimmy Fallon does a funny Axl Rose impression of this “Waterfalls” song.

4. AlinaMorrison2: “You Gotta Fight For Your Bite Of Turkey” (Beastie Boys)

5. mattholley: “Let’s Giblet On” (Marvin Gaye)

Funny Marvin Gaye impression here.

6. GlazerBooHooHoo: “Can’t Stuff This” By MC Yammer (MC Hammer)

7. morgy1970: “Nap Nap Napping On Your Cousin’s Floor” (Guns N Roses)

8. DebtGirls: “I Had The Pie Of My Life” (Bill Medley And Jennifer Warnes)

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