Jimmy Fallon NBC Video: Comedy Skit – “EW! With Michael Strahan” (December 4, 2012)

The following NBC entertainment video comes from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. On the December 4, 2012 episode, Jimmy aired a skit called “EW! with Michael Strahan.” Strahan was a guest on this episode. He is a former New York Giants football player and now the co-host of Live! With Kelly and Michael.

Jimmy asks Michael if he has time to watch TV. He says he watches a show called “Ew” on Nick At Nite. Michael also says Jimmy Fallon reminds him of a girl on that show. Fallon says he has also heard this.

So they then switch to a skit with Jimmy and Michael Strahan playing the part of girls on this Ew! TV show. I won’t write down everything they say here because the script is quite long. It lasts about 5 minutes and is a pretty funny bit.

Jimmy plays the part of Sara, a host on Ew. Michael plays the part of Jimmy’s BFL (best friend for life), Kelly Tompkins.

Kelly (Michael Strahan) and Sara (Fallon) talk about Taylor Swift dating Harry Styles, from One Direction. They also talk about Silver Linings Playbook and take turns making weird faces.

Michael then shows some of his cheerleading skills.

Step dad Gary comes out and plays catch with a football. Strahan misses him and shatters a vase.

They then say “EW” a bunch of times to pictures of Robert Redford and others.

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